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Please Help Find Stolen Ship’s Wheel

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Ship's Wheel
Missing Ship’s Wheel – If found please report to rileyjanereno@gmail.com

Please help in recovering our ship’s wheel.

This photo was taken by a friend last year before we left the boat.  She is hauled out at the Slipway in English Harbor, Antigua and my husband just returned after a long absence.   We had been trying to sell the boat, but no luck, and now after over a year on the hard in the tropics she is pretty much a total loss.  Age, health and finances have made it impossible for us to keep her.

My husband returned to make arrangements for her “funeral” and to take home the few personal keepsakes on board.  The first thing we had arranged to have shipped home was the wheel, as it was custom made for us at the Lunenburg Nova Scotia foundry. It is cast bronze, and as you can see by the photo, has the boat name embossed on it.

We got married in front of that wheel with all our friends on board.  The wheel served as our altar as we took our vows.  It is a piece of our personal history that cannot be replaced.   It is a heart breaking loss and we are hoping that we can spread the word in the sailing community in the hopes of recovering it.  We don’t have money for a reward, but no questions asked if someone comes forward with information.   We will arrange shipping it home to Connecticut if we are able to find it.

There were so many things on board that we would not care about losing – all of much greater monetary value than the wheel.  Yet all that was taken was the wheel and a small shop vac.   Some have speculated that it was stolen for the bronze, but the value of the tools on board would have brought a much greater price than a hunk of bronze, so we suspect someone just “wanted” it.  Someone very selfish and heartless.

Any information would be appreciated rileyjanereno@gmail.com

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