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Tommy’s Favorites Week Five – Mount Heavy Items Without Welding or Fiberglassing

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Wouldn’t it be nice if some company had a product to help you mount heavy items or even light items without welding or fiber glassing a material in place on a substrate to screw something onto? Well, David Estabrook did just that with his company called Weld Mount. The Weld Mount products allow one to mount components to the bulkheads or overheads whether the substrate is cored fiberglass, steel, or aluminum. This system eliminates drilling holes or welding which reduces labor costs and increases ease of installation. There are a variety of Acrylic Adhesives to choose from and they vary in open working times and dry times. For example, the AT – 6030 is a two component, structural adhesive with outstanding bonding capabilities for metals, carbon fiber composites and most plastics. The lap sheer strength is 2800 PSI within 24 hours and it reaches 80% of that amount in 45 minutes. The fasteners system includes wire tie mounts, hose, wire, and cable clamps, studs, standoffs and floating nut plates. Some of the fasteners are shown below: Check out the training videos on their website.
The 304 stainless steel studs range in size from 3/8-16 to #8-32 thread size and there is a white cover plate to go over the base of the SS stud to give it the finished look. The same cover plate comes in handy when mounting engine room insulation. Mount a #8-32 stud, push the insulation material over the stud and screw down the cover plate to hold the material in place. Weld mount offers a variety of kits to choose from, or your can order in bulk.
Mr. Estabrrok has created a great product line that has saved countless hours in labor expense and has proved the installer an easy solution to a myriad of potential problems. For further information please visit their website: www.weldmountsystem.com or call them at: (860) 788-3380
Contact Tom Jarvis at 619-572-1578 / email: tom@tpj3.com
Thank you,
Tom Jarvis
San Diego Marine Exchange

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