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Looking for Captain Jobs – ForCrew.com Yacht Community Launched

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The team at Crew Life – For Crew By Crew launched the www.ForCrew.com Captain and crew yacht community network last week.  This is the collaborative brainchild of many Captains and crew and several months of development.

The premise of the system is quite simple.  When you are in need, who would you count on?  Someone that you just met OR someone that comes highly recommended by your trusted friends?

As with many things in life, relationships are important and the boating community felt like they needed some way to start formalizing these relationships in community all their own.

The community was developed for everyone in the yacht community from Captains, stews, deckhands, engineers, chefs, mates, delivery crew, dayworkers to people in school getting ready for their first job within the industry.  Everyone is welcome.

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There are a lot of Captains out there at the moment and not a lot of Captain Jobs currently available.  Do what you can to give yourself the advantage and let your talents shine.  Log onto www.ForCrew.com and get started.  The devil is in the details however.  As with most things, you get out of it what you put into it.  The system is great just to get on and create your profile BUT the magic truly starts to happen when you actually start utilizing the system for what it was designed for.  If you are currently looking for work then get on the system and get to work.

  • Create your detailed professional profile AND keep it updated.  Make certain there are no gaps in your employment history.  Make sure it shows your diversity.
  • Seek out Recommendations from all previous employers including your dayworking jobs.  This is an important step.  You need to establish some trust within the community and it makes it easier for future boats to select you based upon your recommendations
  • And finally the most important step.  Connect!  Invite and connect with your entire network of everyone you know in the boating community.  The more people you have in your network, the more people you have looking for jobs for you and to turn the tables – you might be the person looking for crew.  Wouldn’t you want to know if one of your trusted friends needed a job?

Thank you to the many Captains and crew that collaborated to bring this system together.  As always your feedback and guidance on the future of the network is greatly appreciated.

Log onto www.ForCrew.com, the free online professional social networking destination for yacht crew.

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