Scientists at the Seismic Research Unit have compiled list of frequently asked questions to address concerns regarding Tsunamis in Caribbean

In the past 500 years there have been at least ten earthquake-generated tsunamis in the entire Caribbean which have been reported and verified

What could VISAR do to improve on its ability to raise funds? Where does its money come from? What is it used for? Whom does it benefit?

Caribbean News from around the region from October 2004

Yacht Haven Marina after nine years of derelict status this flagship property is ready to rise from the rubble of recent demolition.

I think it was my Aunty Mabel who told me repeatedly that the first signs of getting old would be when I noticed the policemen looking rather young!

The blue Statian bead looks like many others, perhaps one of the reasons behind the myth that the Dutch bought Manhattan with 30 Statian blue beads