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Just The Way You Are

As a natural phenomenon related to our career as owner-operators of Yacht Lolalita, we have the privilege of meeting and temporarily living with about 150 new people every year. We’ve had such interesting, unforgettable experiences, getting to know people from all spectrums of the world. We cherish everything we’ve learned from their presence in our lives.

Throughout all the people we’ve met, I’ve been struck with the universal truth that everyone is unique and special and valuable in their own, individual way, whether they know it or not.

When I heard Colbie Caillat’s song “Try” the other day, it made me think:

“What a relief.”

With all the busy-ness that surrounds us in our crazy world – reality TV shows, makeup, hair dyes, hair extensions, body alterations, changing fashions, sky-high-heeled shoes, fad diets, and whatever else we’ve subjected ourselves to in order to achieve that *certain* look we’ve come to believe we *must* have – it’s an absolutely revolutionary idea that we can do less and be loved more.

Life on Lolalita is so much simpler, and thankfully. So… For all of you out there, I want to tell you this:

We love you just the way you are.

Relax and breathe.

Feel free and easy.

You don’t have to change a single thing. 

Sorry for all the mushiness. We just love you all so much!

I hope you’ll share the revolutionary love and relief with others.

Megan (and Ernie) Schlobohm

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