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IYT to Offer Places in its Crew Training Courses on eBay

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IYT of Fort Lauderdale will, for the first time, offer places on several of it’s courses on ebay. The initiative is aimed at encouraging yacht crew who have suffered at the hands of the recent economic downturn, to plan and bid on the courses they need whilst adhering to their own budget.

There can be no question that the crew are facing more competition than ever before and qualifications and training matter more now than ever before as a result.

"We are ready to support crew members achieve their career goals by allowing the market to determine value", says Mike French – President of IYT Fort Lauderdale. "We try and offer the best value to students and ebay seemed like a natural way of providing career minded yacht crew with a new way of securing the courses they need.

The course places will be posted on ebay throughout the summer and depending on the response of yachting industry, it is something that may continue as part of IYT’s marketing strategy.

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About International Yacht Training

International Yacht Training – Fort Lauderdale was established in 1998 and is the world’s leading provider of yacht training services. IYT provides training to yacht crew at all stages of their careers.

IYT Fort Lauderdale has trained over 14,000 candidates in the last 11 years many of whom are now operating at command level and sending their crews to IYT.

Visit www.yachtmaster.com for more information about IYT.

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