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Immigration Changes in GRENADA for Yachts / Boats

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Two recent changes have been made which affect yachting visitors to Grenada:

  1. Extension of Stay In recognition of Grenada’s popularity as a ‘base’ for all types of yachts, Grenada Immigration has changed its policy on extension of visas for yachting visitors.A 3 month stay is now generally granted on arrival if requested, and this can subsequently be extended up to 12 months.

    Once the 1 2 months period has been reached, there is no requirement to leave and re-enter. If Immigration are satisfied that the visitor has the means to leave should the need arise, and has not violated the terms of their visitor’s visa, their stay can be extended for up to another 12 months if requested, with ongoing 12 month extensions granted at the discretion of the Immigration department.

  2. Embarkation Tax Embarkation tax is increasing from EC$1 to EC$20 (approximately US$7.50). This is paid on departure by yacht, and is levied on each person aboard who is not ‘bona fide’ crew – passengers and those not involved in the operation of the yacht. Typically this will not be levied on a cruising couple running their yacht, but may be on any additional people on board, at the discretion of the Immigration Officer.In presenting the Bill to the legislators, Tourism Minister Alexandria Otway–Noel said that the measure will put Grenada’s departure tax for persons on board a yacht on par with other regional territories.
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