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Honoring the Rescuers in Curacao

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This summer, local yacht owner Eddie de Kort took a bunch of volunteers from the local sea rescue organization for a trip on his boat and pampered them with plenty food and drinks as a way to say "thanks" for being ready whenever he and other boaters might need  help at sea. The praiseworthy initiative, which could be copied anywhere in the world, was a bonding event and a valuable experience because the 68 ft Grand Banks Carib Lady is brand new and chock full of modern navigational instruments.

While they enjoyed the trip, to make sure no ship would be without help if in trouble, two volunteers, Jovino Falbru and Willy Labordus, manned the rigid inflatable boat Griend to make sure fast action could be provided if needed. Nothing happened and the two volunteers (in orange overalls) were able to join the group for dinner on board the yacht.

Everywhere in the world volunteers sometimes risk their lives to help seafarers in case of emergency. Some of the rescued people show gratitude, others just take it for granted.  Eddie’s in-advance initiative to show his thanks was very highly appreciated!

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