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Fuik Day – A Chaotic but Pleasant Jumble

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Mocka Jumbies and Rum...

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Since the turn of the century, Fuik Bay is the place to be for yachts, sea doos, sloops and sailing boats and their owners and guests on the first Sunday of the new year in Curacao. Slowly but surely, the so called "Fuik Day" grew into a well known event. This year the numbers of boat owners, and all who like to participate in the chaos and manage to conquer a spot on a boat again, exceeded all preceding years. Hundreds of boats created a lively atmosphere, chaotic but very pleasant. It was a crazy jumble, where everybody was having fun.

The Coastguard kept an eye on the situation, giving extra attention to safety and environment in an advice communiqué in advance. Everything went well and smooth in the bay, while at sea the Coastguard had to assist three small vessels getting into trouble during the passage to Fuik Bay, capsizing. A fisherman’s boat, “No Si No” sank at sea but was recovered by the Coastguard in the morning. Late in the afternoon another small boat had the same misfortune but also was saved by the Coastguard Netherlands Antilles & Aruba.  No one was hurt and eventually the boats were recovered from the water, suffering only little damage.

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