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Dixon & Freivokh Collaboration Produces Spectacular Results: The Mantis 80

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The combined talents of two of the most highly regarded yacht design offices in the world have come together with a spectacular result: the ‘Mantis 80’. Dixon Yacht Design, who are responsible for the naval architecture and the external styling, have joined with Ken Freivokh Design who have weaved their magic on the interior of this outstanding yacht.

The original concept, which has been registered by Dixon Yacht Design and has been brilliantly achieved, was to design a flybridge performance mega yacht with the flybridge deck integrated into the hull line. The result is a very stylish 80 metre vessel with wonderfully clean lines, which not only looks exceptional, but will be extremely comfortable to live on and deliver outstanding performance. Constructed of aluminium, the ‘Mantis 80’s’ long waterline and slim easily driven hull, will be propelled by a powerful ketch rig. Dixon Yacht Designs’ considerable experience of designing lifting keels for large superyachts will ensure the one fitted to the ‘Mantis’ will optimise stability and weight while in no way intruding into the vessels accommodation.
The excellence of the naval architecture and exterior styling is matched by the creativity and innovation displayed by Ken Freivokh Design. The interior design perfectly complements that of the exterior, with considerable emphasis being placed on continuity of line and the integration of spaces. The custom built interior is beautiful but lightweight, so as to have negligible affect on the performance of this no compromise blue water yacht. The ‘Mantis’ will be at much at home undertaking ocean crossings as it will at Superyacht Regattas; all the time, and whatever the occasion, providing a marvellous on board environment.
Individually Ken Freivokh Design and Dixon Yacht Design produce outstanding work but their collaboration on the ‘Mantis 80’ shows that two brilliant teams, working together as one, can create something only seen extremely rarely. The Mantis 80 is a very special yacht.

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