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Clean Your Boat with Natural Products

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Rejuvenate, refresh, clean and maintain your boat with pure essential oils effectively and naturally. Essential oils are aromatic liquid substances extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots and trees  Why consider essential oils for cleaning? 

Properties of these oils are not only valuable for cleaning purposes, but also operate effectively on physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic areas of our lives.  Providing both protection and pleasure without the polluting effects of chemicals, they are effective cleaners that are environmentally safe.

Our ketch, Sea Whisper, is almost 30 years old—and regular use of essential oils keeps her clean and fresh-smelling as well as safe from pests, mildew, and mold.  Find these cleaning supplies from a health products/food store or pharmacy:  inexpensive, pure essential oils; unscented, natural, liquid soap (good for floors or dishes); unscented liquid oil for wood; glass atomizers; and cotton cloths.

The Galley
Many companionways lead to the galley where ‘fatty’ smells from roasting, frying, fish, etc. linger.  Essential oils capable of ‘wrapping’ themselves around the fatty molecules and eliminating galley odors are eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, lime and rosemary.  A damp cloth with a few drops of one of these oils releases deodorizing powers when wiped over clean kitchen surfaces. 

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Another method of deodorizing is adding about eight drops of an essential oil to 600 ml of water in a spray bottle.  When cleaning the fridge, freezer, ice box, or oven add a drop of a citrus fruit essential oil (lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange) to the rinse water to deodorize and freshen.

A few drops of cypress, lemongrass, pine or thyme with liquid soap and water or in the final rinse water are effective when cleaning kitchen surfaces and floors.  Make dishwashing more pleasant by adding a few drops of essential oil to the dishwater.

Synergy is the culmination of various parts that make the resulting blend very powerful.  Keep a small bottle of the following blend of essential oils in your kitchen for fast clean-up and deodorizing.  Add a few drops of the blend to a damp cloth and wipe kitchen surfaces or use a spray:
8 drops of lemon
6 drops of lavender
3 drops of eucalyptus

The Head
Here, you want to kill germs, deodorize, and freshen.  The following oils are inexpensive antiseptics and bacteria-busters; some are also anti-fungal and anti-viral:  cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, lime, pine and thyme.

After washing with soap and water, wipe down the surfaces with one of the above essential oils or a blend of oils.  The oils also inhibit bacterial growth and make the room smell pleasant.  Other methods to deodorize here are to spray the room or put a couple of drops of oil on the tube inside a toilet paper roll.

Wood surfaces:
Wash wood surfaces with natural liquid soap and water, paying special attention to hand grips, sticky with dirt and sweat.  Use a bit of natural furniture oil on a damp cloth and a couple of drops of the essential oil that matches your mood and wipe wood surfaces.  Here are some ideas for single oils for various areas:

Fresh scents for any area: lavender, rosemary, bergamot, pine, basil or any fruit oil.
Floral scent for common areas: geranium, rose, rose Maroc, petitgraine.
Romantic oils to use sparingly in cabin/bedroom: Palma Rosa, ylang-ylang, clary-sage, nutmeg, lime.

Learn how to repel moths, mice and ants, sweeten your laundry, store clothing and linens worry-free, make windows, mirrors and brass sparkle, and get rid of musty smells in dry lockers and storage lockers.  And those running shoes?…whew!  We can fix those too……with essential oils.

Before leaving on a three year journey by sea aboard Sea Whisper, as a health practitioner, Laurie McDonald wrote a column for a western Canada health-related magazine. Her travel adventures are published in Canadian magazines and newspapers. 

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