Caribbean News: Lesser Antilles Cruising Guides Updated

Lesser Antilles Cruising Guides: Caribbean quadrants map taken from "A Thinking Man's Guide to Cruising the Caribbean"
Caribbean quadrants map taken from “A Thinking Man’s Guide to Cruising the Caribbean”

Free Cruising Guides now updated
Free Cruising Guides report the completion of the review and updating of all three volumes of A Cruising Guide to the Lesser Antilles 2.0.

Cruising Guides said their goal was to confirm or update the currency of all the information critical to cruisers’ decision making and route planning. “That time consuming endeavor is now complete and all three volumes of the Lesser Antilles guide and all other (updated) guides are now available free,” a spokesperson said.

Revisions to Volumes I, II, and III are part of the latest round of updates of Free Cruising Guides’ insightful and popular series of guides to cruising the Caribbean.

All the free cruising guides can be found at: 

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