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Beach Cat Race Around Martinique

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From the 4th to 9th of April, on the east coast we focus on a small, pretty fishing village nestling on the islet of Caravelle: Tartane. This is the base for Spoutourne, situated on Galion Bay, which is the starting point for the 18th beach cat tour of Martinique.

This is the main event for the Club Nautique W.i.n.d Force du Robert, under the aegis of the sailing league and with support from the Regional Council, the town of Trinite, and the radio station NRJ.  The five-day rally links a sporting challenge with discovery of the different water conditions around Martinique, as well as its gastronomy, since on each day a new dinner awaits competitors, with Easter traditions such as ‘matoutou’ (land crab Colombo), which is tasted on Easter Monday.

The beach cat is innovative and quick, with a length from 16 to 21 feet and using the latest technological innovations in materials. Its structure, for greater performance and lightness, is built with two keels and a large-surface sail, for a crew of two people.

Twenty Martiniquais crews, along with Guadeloupeans and French participated in two categories: C1 for 18 footers and over, and the Class C3 for the 16 footers. The race was organized over five legs, with good weather conditions—12 to 20 knots of wind and a slight chop.

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Leg One ran from Anse Spoutourne up to the village of Tartane, passing by Caravelle Rock and Anse l’Etang. Already, three boats in the 18 foot category were pulling away from the others: Ivaldi/Morel, Marchais/Maurin and Dabretea/Signe.  On Friday, it was from Tartane to Precheur, on Saturday Precheur to Anses d’Arlets, with Anse d’Arlets to Marin on Sunday, then back from Marin to Spoutourne on Monday.

The Martiniquais crew Ivaldi/Morel took first place on the podium (having previously won in 2006).  In the 16-foot category, the battle for first place was well-contested, with Birgitt/Breneole coming out on top. Three young crews deserve further encouragement: Ericher/Brulu, Barbo/Granval and Fanny/Jade.

Class C1 
1-Ivaldi Patrice/Morel Olivier     
2-Marchais Pascal/Maurin Arnaud                    
3-Dabreteau Guillaume/Signe Emmanuelle       
4-Horth Anthony
5-André Jean-louis/Gastelais Pierre
6-Libar Bertrand/Smith Eddy

Class C3
1-Krahe Birgitt/Breneole Emmanuelle
2-Le Roch Emmanuel/Bezely Yann
3-Leduff Yann/Berne Olivier

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