We've been gone from the Virgin Islands for over six months now, and I'm starting to feel it. Like when I telephone back to St. John, "Fat who?" they ask.

Fatty really believed Carolyn finally began to see the light: spending money on frivolous personal items (shoes, food, medicines) was bad, spending money on boat stuff was good.

Picture the Virgin Islands set in Maine, and you’re close to the reality of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Take a quick exploration with Fatty and Carolyn

Normally, Cap'n Fatty Goodlander is the most conservative of ocean-sailors. I never drive my boat hard nor adhere to a schedule. I prefer to avoid storms or heave-to if I can't avoid.

Ah, civilization! After five months of Polynesian bliss, Cap'n Fatty and Carolyn pulled into the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. The first thing which struck us was THE RULES AND REGS!

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander is dizzy from circumnavigating. That's how fast we're going! We've sailed from St. John to the Kingdom of Tonga, which is about a third of the way around the world, in five months.

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander and Carolyn explore Nuku'alofa in the Kingdom of Tonga... where reality is far weirder than fiction.

Fatty's wife Carolyn cannot sail past a pearl farm without drooling. This is unfortunate: there are strict laws in French Polynesia regarding the sale of pearls, possession of pearls and/or export of pearls

Fatty Goodlander seeks out the Las Pearlas of Panama. Las Pearlas are a group of about two dozen small Pacific islands just off the western coast of Central America

Fatty Goodlander arrives at the seldom-visited island of Artitupu in the San Blas off the rugged north coast of Panama and visits the chief.

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander somehow became, despite all logic and common sense, an ‘internationally respected marine expert.’ How?

Fatty Goodlander and his non-stop social schedule. Who wouldn't want a rum-soaked life exploring the world on your sailboat with a beautiful wife along?

Fatty Goodlander wonders why we sailors put up with the pains of sailing and simply don't relent to the dark side and become powerboaters. Are you a born-again stinkpotter?

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander seeks out the elusive "Perfect Harbor." Is there such a thing or is the journey the ultimate goal?

Fatty single hands into Coral Bay and proves once again that even the simple tasks like picking up a mooring ball can turn into an adventure.

Experience life at the Independent Boat Yard on St. Thomas through the eyes of Cap'n Fatty Goodlander. Fictional writing is not needed with these real life characters.

Fatty Goodlander expresses his views on the Marine Trends that affect the lives of the cruisers and sea gypsies throughout the world. Do you see yourself in these thoughts?

The Lesser Antilles are our oyster, even after sailing around the world. Nowhere else on this watery planet compares as a cruising ground.

Fatty Goodlander takes us on a humorous look at the world of sailboat racing. Are you a member of Racers Anonymous. Maybe you need help as well.

Obituary for Fletcher Pitts by Cap'n Fatty Goodlander. Fletcher was a popular local liveaboard and sailing instructor who founded the Coral Bay KATS program and introduced the love of sailing.