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ATLs New FueLocker Range Extension Fuel Bladders

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Planning a fishing or boating trip? Concerned that your boat’s fuel capacity will hamper your plans? Worry no more. ATL Inc., the world leader in flexible composite technology, is proud to introduce its new line of “FueLocker”™ collapsible, on-deck fuel bladder tanks. “FueLocker”™ joins the already proven “Petro-Flex”® line of range extension tanks produced by ATL.

Both ATL “FueLocker”™ and “Petro-Flex”® fuel bladders are ideal solutions for longer voyages requiring high fuel consumption. The “FueLocker”™ boasts all of the same superb qualities as its predecessor, but prides itself with some unique design improvements. Simply put, the “FueLocker”™ fills higher, carries more fuel and takes up less deck space.

ATL’s “FueLocker”™ is offered in standard sizes ranging from 100 gallons to 300 gallons but can also be custom made to suit the needs of all boating enthusiasts. Fueling is easy; “FueLocker”™ bladders can be filled from any standard gas pump nozzle. Plus, a floating outlet fitting allows full fuel scavenging, and a spill resistant stand-pipe with a “Cam-Cap” is conveniently mounted at the top center.

Both “FueLocker”™ and “Petro-Flex”® fuel bladders are made from ATL’s durable military-spec. rubberized fabric, renowned for its superior tensile strength and puncture resistance. In addition to their outstanding weatherability and compactability, ATL range extension bladders are remarkably economical. All ATL fuel bladders include a 1/2” shutoff valve, fill neck, cap and safety valves. ATL “FueLocker”™ and “Petro-Flex”® tanks are fully assembled, in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

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For more technical sales information please contact:

ATL Inc.
45 Spear Road Industrial Park
Ramsey, New Jersey 07446-1251
Phone: 201-825-1400
Fax: 201-825-1962
e-Mail: atl@atlinc.com

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