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Aruba is Quickly Building UP with New Yards and Marinas

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Marine industry update

Aruba’s marine expansion carries on apace thanks to Varadero Marina who recently hauled its first boat using a hydraulic Roodberg slipway trailer.

In a press release the marina said the first boat hauled was a 30-ton catamaran, and the new trailer, which has a capacity of 60.000kg with a LOA limit of 80ft and a BOA limit of 32ft, managed the vessel with ease.

Aruba continues to upgrade and develop its marine industry and the island could prove a haven for yachts in the Southern Caribbean, especially yachts heading west at the beginning of the long voyage to Panama and the Pacific.

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"Building a name in the Caribbean, especially with rapidly expanding marinas and boatyards in the area, will take time,” says Varadero’s Eric Mansur. “Our geographical location does offer the last stop before heading to Colombia and the Panama Canal. We will attract boats from Venezuela and other islands as we have available capacity during high season.”

The release notes that while the new trailer can haul out any type of boats, it is particularly attractive for catamarans, as it is a risk-free method that does not compress the hulls, as other boatlifts do when using slings. Every Roodberg trailer can hydraulically adapt to beam, height and length of every craft, it handles small RIB craft with the same ease, without wasting maneuvering and storing space.

The yard at Veradero Marine also has a second trailer with a capacity up to 25.000 kg and a travel lift with a 45.000 kg limit.

Varadero is Aruba’s first modern boat yard, and offers a large amount of space for boat storage, which is developing into a full-service solution for yachts. The yard has a capacity for 70 wet slips and a dry storage capacity for 160 boats. They will also be adding a fuel dock by the end of the year and a Budget Marine Chandlery is moving into the yard in 2012.

“We will require skilled labor to make the boatyard a multi-service facility,” says Mansur. “Varadero and Budget Marine Aruba will team up to offer these services and products to the boat yard customer.”

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