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NEW Aruba Customs Procedures

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When arriving in Aruba all vessels are required to go to an official port of entry to clear in before allowed elsewhere on the island.  For yachts this is Barcadera harbor. The vessel and crew will have to be cleared both by Immigration and by Customs. First do the clearance at Immigrations (Seaside office), then at Customs.



When clearing in ask immigration for a longer period then you intend to stay. Should your plans change you will not have to apply for an extension.

Visa requirements: None for citizens of the USA, Canada or the EC. Other nationalities please download entry requirements: http://www.aruba.com/sigma/Entry_Req-Eng.pdf

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For persons requiring visa: Even though Aruba is part of the Netherlands, the visa has to specify Aruba.



You can clear in at customs once you have finished the clearance with immigrations.

Outside of the regular clearance; as of October 1, 2012 a new procedure for foreign registered yachts will be applied by the customs office of Aruba. This means that, outside of the regular clearance upon arrival, you will also have to declare the vessel you are on. This will not need to be done upon arrival but can be done (no later than) the next day. For this you will need to use a customs broker. The customs broker will have to start the process of the declaration no later than your second day on the island. Cost will be about US$ 65.00 to US$ 100.00.

Varadero Caribe has started to offer dry storage and is in the process of applying for an entrepot status where there will be an exemption of this rule for yachts left on the hard.

For more information visit: www.Aruba-cruisingguide.com




–              If the yacht stays 180 days or less: A temporary import permit will need to be obtained. No deposit will be required.

–              If the yacht stays longer than 180 days up to a year: A temporary import permit will need to be obtained with payment of a deposit (or a bank guarantee) for the value of the duties for the yacht.

–              If the yacht will stay longer than a year the yacht will have to be imported.

At the expiration of the temporary permit the yacht will have to leave the island for at least 15 days before a new temporary permit can be applied for.

Yachts brought into Aruba with the intention of sale will have to pay duties upon arrival.

Your customs broker will have to start the process of the declaration no later than your second day on the island.

A few Brokers: “Landseair”: + 297-582-9284; Harold. Or “Ashley Broker” Phone # + 297 593-8305 mail: ashleybroker@setarnet.aw Broker’s fee will be between US$ 65 and US$ 100.

Harbor fee:


As of January 1 2011, Aruba Ports Authorities charges a port fee for yachts tied up to their docks. $ 10 per hour from 8.00 to 16.00. $ 15.00 per hour from 16.00 to 8.00. and $ 20.00 per hour on weekends and holidays. A uniformed harbor security officer will collect this at the vessel in cash while you are tied up.

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