Boats, boats and more boats! Here is the entire library of boating focused editorial to make your toes curl!

3D Outdoor Fabric Stretches for Extreme Designs

WeatherMAX 3D is able to stretch and move in three axis, providing a perfect fit without requiring excessive darting to contour to a shape

Standard marine fabrics can cause significant problems when working with complex three-dimensional patterns and shapes. Safety Components’ new WeatherMAX 3D offers the flexibility to fit almost any project. Under tension, the highly elastic fabric stretches 30–100%. When released, it goes …

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Quick Release Hinges Ease Bimini Mounting

Accon Marine’s surface-mount (left) and stud-mount Quick Release Bimini Hinges

Adding a Bimini top brings more than simple comfort to a boat—it provides critical protection from the sun’s UV rays. To simplify installation, Accon Marine offers an array of Quick Release Bimini Hinges to suit virtually any mounting location. The …

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Boston Whaler Introduces the 240 Dauntless Pro

Boston Whaler’s new 240 Dauntless Pro

There’s a new champion on the scene: The Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless Pro, a boat designed to maximize fishing success—inshore, offshore and anywhere in between. “The 240 Dauntless Pro is designed for the serious angler, with features and options that …

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Four Tips for a Hassle-Free Haul-Out

Roscioli Yachting Center

There’s nothing worse than loading friends and family aboard for a great day on the water, only for problems with your vessel to keep everyone shore bound. Routine in-water maintenance is one remedy, yet industry experts say that the longer …

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Leave Less to Luck When Fishing with iDrift

If you’ve ever found that perfect fishing hole only to be swept away by wind or waves, ZF Marine Propulsion Systems, based in Miramar, Florida, have just the solution: ZF iDrift. It’s the perfect way to control your boat’s drift, …

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Docking Lights Deliver Up To 2,000 Lumens

E600 Flush Mount Docking Light (above) and E610 Surface Mount Docking Light

When bright illumination is needed, TecNiq delivers with its new E600 and E610 docking lights. Ideal for boats, RVs, trailers and EMS vehicles, they’re available as flush or surface-mount, with up to 2,000 lumens of brilliant white light. TecNiq’s docking …

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What’s That Pong?

Boats with marine heads will eventually begin to smell funky. Sometimes all it takes to remedy it is some simple maintenance, other times it’s a DIY repair. Either way, Raritan Engineering has boat owners covered. They offer two easy-to-use, safe …

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Deck Plate Bags Create Secret Storage

The most secure spot on a boat is the space that a thief doesn’t know exists. Stow-Away Deck Plates with Bags from Beckson Marine provide hidden storage under a watertight deck plate, whether for concealing small valuables or in which …

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Shark Boats in Hot Pursuit

Metal Shark 36 Fearless built for the Puerto Rico Police Department

Nautical law enforcement professionals in the Caribbean now have new tools to fight illegal activities such as piracy, drug running and immigrant smuggling at sea. That is, vessels built by Jeanerette, Louisiana-based Metal Shark Boats that can intercept vessels at …

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Safe Speed Rule

Time to apply the safe speed rules

If you think about it conceptually, two vessels in a meeting situation must be able to successfully stop within a hair’s breadth of each other in order to avoid a collision at sea. That, in a nutshell, is the raison …

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Convenient Holding Clips Help Declutter Boats

holding clips

Organizing and safely storing the various accessories a boat owner needs, especially while underway, can present a challenge. Clipper and Clipmate Holding Clips from Beckson Marine secure a range of common tools and equipment, reducing clutter yet keeping them accessible. …

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Harsh Reality Hits Reality TV Show

Silver Queen

It wasn’t in the script but it highlights what can happen when things go wrong at sea. The Silver Queen, a classic 78ft sport fishing boat sank while docking in Marigot, St. Martin in February. The incident occurred when a …

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New Reels Catch Fish So Purchase Some – COLREGS


Sailors are notorious for having poor memories, perhaps due to the copious amounts of rum they have imbibed. Whatever the reason, over the years they have developed memory tools that aid in information retention and these aids are called mnemonics. …

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Lighter, More Efficient Transfer Pump

Transfer Pump

The new Reverso OP-7 Diesel Fuel and Oil Transfer Pump is lighter and more efficient than the model OP-6 transfer pump it replaces. The OP-7 also has a smaller footprint, giving boat builders more flexibility for installation in tight engine …

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Avoiding Collisions with Colregs

Contrary to popular belief, the phrase ‘right of way’ is never mentioned once in the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCS). Prior to 1977, vessels were called either burdened or privileged in potential collision situations, which may have …

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DOT-Required Drug Testing is Now Paperless

required drug testing

Marine employers and Coast Guard credentialed individuals that have the need for required drug testing by U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) can now do so in a paperless format. “The new eCCF (electronic Custody and Control Form) for DOT drug …

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