Explains the impacts of different antifouling boat bottom paints on the environment and what to look out for with Interlux, Sea Hawk and Pettit.

Strategies for transporting your boat after purchase. Is using a delivery crew a good option?

It's a vital step - let a professional survey and sea trial the boat. They will see things that you had no idea you should be concerned about.

The agreement to purchase a boat can be as simple as a handshake deal, or as complicated as a roomful of brokers, attorneys, and bankers can make it

Finding your dream boat is sometimes the easiest part. NEGOTIATING a great deal on that dream boat is always the hardest. Don't get emotional - here are some tips to come out ahead.

Now that you know how much money you can spend to buy your boat, let's go through some of the ways you can find your boat.

Where you are going to keep your boat - and how much it will cost in the Caribbean. Don't forget to consider your plans for Hurricane Season!

What you should know about purchasing boat insurance including what to budget, geographic impacts on insurance, creating relationships with your broker and some basics on terminology.

Talk with some experts regarding boat insurance. They have offered good, comprehensive information. It is important to fully understand the cost, requirements, and coverage of insurance before you buy.

Establishing priorities can be difficult, especially for a first-time boater buyer. Unless you have unlimited funds at your disposal

You’ve decided to buy your own boat. First – and most difficult, I think, for a first-time buyer – is to figure out what you want a boat for.

Perfected your basic anchoring skills? It is time for you to know about – and then try your hand at – more advanced anchoring techniques

Remember the excitement of spending the first night as a liveaboard? This is not one of those stories. Imagine instead returning reluctantly each evening to a boat that you no longer want.