My dad was sailing a 46' Gran Soleil sloop from Annapolis to Tortola, one week out and 300 miles from anywhere and heard the news of a wrong-way, late-season hurricane

After three hours, I'd finally resigned myself to the fact that I would be spending the night in a Grenadian prison.

It was about Day 22 of the sail-training program I was running this past summer, and the boatload full of eager high-schoolers from around the world all were anticipating our next landfall

Just as Stephen Hawking unlocked the mysteries of the heavens in his “The Universe in a Nutshell,” so does Schlereth in “Celestial in a Nutshell.” Schlereth lifts the fog of celestial, de-mystifying the art in surprisingly

“To think that a lot of people consider it very difficult to enter a harbor without an engine…it depends on the harbor, of course, but if they would only try it, perhaps they would never again press the starter.“

Off the wind, catamarans are rocket ships, which I quickly learned when Beluga, our 46' F.P. Bahia, surfed down the long swell