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Cedar Bayou Fish Pass is Now Open

Cedar Bayou in Texas is now open and healthy. Photo Courtesy CCA Texas

On the Gulf of Mexico the lingo can be just a little different. What some on the East Coast may call an inlet, the Texans call a bayou. Cedar Bayou separates Matagorda Island and San Jose Island just north of …

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Fisheries Management with Coastal Conservation Association

A pompano is a trophy fish from the Texas Gulf coast. Photo By Jeff Dennis

The Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), based out of Texas, is a national membership-based marine conservation group that stresses science-based fisheries management decisions. Going beyond catch and release, CCA strives for long-term coastal ecosystem health. On November 19-21, 2013 the CCA …

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Fabulous Fall Festivals Fill Waterfront with Fun

After surviving another summer in the Southeast, you deserve some fun. Coastal dwellers know that some of the biggest fun of the year is found at annual fall festivals, and when it comes to celebrations on the waterfront, October is …

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