Charter Yacht Society puts in place some clean initiatives to start a trend in modern day charter shows.

November 10 to 12 saw one of the most successful showings of the St. Thomas Fall Yacht Show, which was presented by the Virgin Islands Charteryacht League (VICL)

If you’re thinking about launching into charter vacations, the first item on your list of considerations is the type of vessel to select for transportation and accommodation

There's nothing better than having some of your family on a Christmas charter unless you usually don't get along

Five Key Tips to live by when planning a Sailing Charter Vacation. Don't let your ego get in the way - do the right thing.

Today, The Moorings announced the launch of its new, interactive website, which integrates the Moorings Bareboat Sailing, Power and Crewed Yacht product lines

The Moorings, the world’s leading international yacht charter company, announces the “Treasure Hunt” Sweepstakes, which starts November 23, 2009 at 12:01am EST

The real story, says Wallis-White, isn't about her or her book drive or what she's done; it's about how easy it is for anyone to perform a small act of kindness.

Tips and Tricks on Using Mooring Buoys. What precautions should you take? Are they free to use? Do they ever break?

Boat shows in November and December in the BVI, USVI, St. Maarten and Antigua will showcase over 100 luxury sailing and motor yachts—and their professional crew

Tips on making the most of your yacht charter including Price Discount Pros and Cons

Things sometimes go wrong with a charter. Best to be prepared and take everything as an adventure.

Chartering options span from bare to abundant with a boatload of choices in between. You can do-it-yourself for seven days or pay to be pampered for as long as your wallet can support

If you haven't chartered in the Spanish Virgin Islands, you are missing some of the last untouched islands in the Caribbean. Do it now before its too late.

Where do you go when you want a break, a great place to decompress, or just to get away from it all? Here are some places you can leave the crowd behind, relax under the stars, and be off the beaten track

These days every sailor worth his salt carries a boat knife: a multi-purpose tool with many attachments. Most useful of the attachments are the knife, the pliers/wire cutters combo, various sizes of screwdrivers, file, tin opener, and cut-anythin

One of the most important aids to the sailor other than the equipment on his boat is a lighthouse. Partly because lighthouses help keep us safe, we grow fond of them

All of a sudden the news is full of it. People are dropping like flies. “It’s likely to become a pandemic.” Might as well move to the Caribbean.

We went for a cruise under sail. Would most people do that today? No way! The sails would remain furled, the engine running along with the generator for air conditioning and videos.

The Southern Caribbean in the Summer is PERFECT. Little traffic, great weather and empty anchorages to enjoy! Here are some sample itineraries starting from Marigot Bay, St. Lucia.