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A Zodiac Marine tender doing what she does best
A Zodiac Marine tender doing what she does best

Zodiac Marine Expanding RAPIDLY in the Caribbean

Zodiac Marine is expanding rapidly throughout the Caribbean and Latin America further establishing their extensive Dealer Network. This creates a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to build out a great business.

ALL AT SEA had the chance to catch up with Alejandro Sosadias from Zodiac Marine Latin America to get the inside scoop.

ALL AT SEA: Zodiac Marine is growing rapidly.  Can you tell us about your goals throughout the Caribbean and Latin America?

Alejandro: Our first goal is to offer a top of the line product, manufactured and custom made to the end consumer in the big line of RIBS, with real after sales support and warranty, by certified and factory trained technicians in many points of  Latin America and the Caribbean.

ALL AT SEA: What does it take to become a Zodiac Marine Dealer and where can they find more information?

Alejandro: To become a dealer you should have the passion and vision to offer the best brand of RIBS, inflatables and liferafts.  Zodiac is the pioneer and inventor of the RIB and inflatable boat.

We can be reached at [email protected] or at our Latin America offices 305-442-9733, and we will be more than glad to help.

ALL AT SEA: The Zodiac lineup is very diverse with a full line of tenders and liferafts.  Where are you currently seeing the most growth?

Alejandro: The biggest growth we see is with the big RIBS and last not not least in smaller RIBS, inflatables and the liferafts.  Zodiac is know for their incomparable quality and extremely competitive price.

ALL AT SEA: How is your penetration into the Yacht Tender market?

Alejandro: We’re growing quickly mainly through our growing network of dealers in key points throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, located at various points of interest and marinas, offering a full line of boats and service.

ALL AT SEA: What’s the competitive advantage for Zodiac Marine?  Traditionally what makes you stand out?

Alejandro: Incomparable quality, 100% factory back up to our dealers and end consumers. Zodiac Marine has a real Factory backed up warranty, after sales service and the best available boats in the entire market.

ALL AT SEA: With your growth in your dealer network, how does that translate to customer service

Alejandro: We have a training and certification facility in Summerville, South Carolina and we also do service seminars and training on different locations.  The last one was in Cancun, Mexico, for all dealers in Mexico and Central America.  The upcoming one (besides the training and certification at the Plant) will be in Sint Maarten, DWI, before year ends.

Do you Want to Become a Zodiac Marine Dealer?

Contact: Alejandro Sosadias – 305-442-9733 – [email protected]

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