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Yacht Help Group opens new provisioning department in Antibes

Following Yacht Helps Group’s first successful season based in Antibes providing a host of services to superyachts including sourcing spare parts, berth bookings and a
concierge service for both guests and crew, YHG Antibes has now expanded to
provide a specialist Provisions and Wine/Drinks department.

Determined to offer exceptional quality at the best prices YHG is looking forward to proving their competitive pricing policy, by offering a very quick quote service for an
extensive range of produce. From the newest coconut water energizing drink from
the US, to what is considered to be the world’s most exclusive coffee (Arabica Kopi
Luwak & the Robusta Kopi Luwak) straight from the coffee farms of Indonesia, YHG
can get it delivered direct to the yacht. The usual high quality fresh seasonal fruits
and vegetables are also available along with some new twists, like the radicchio
vert, along with fresh meat, fish, dry produce, wines, soft drinks and anything else
you might need.

“After a successful first year in Antibes we felt it was time to follow in the footsteps of our sister offices in Spain and expand our provisioning service”, explained Bianca
McNulty, manager at YHG Antibes.

“Due to the recent economic problems that have impacted much of the industry, the
times of unlimited provisioning budgets on charters are over and Captains, Chefs
and Stewards are now looking for the best options which will help them save time
and money” added Damian Knight, head of provisioning in Antibes.

“Yacht Help Group offers the best prices around so contact us directly for a fast and competitive quote.”

Operating in all of the major yachting locations in the Mediterranean, each YHG office can now not only source produce from around the world, but also help provide
equipment and spare parts, mobile phone contracts, berth bookings, freight and
shipping, a concierge service and in fact anything else you could possibly need.

As they say, ‘ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK’

For provisioning contact, Damian Knight
mob: +
email: [email protected]

YHG Antibes:
email: [email protected]

For more information on the Yacht Help Group please refer to their website at www.yachthelpgroup.com

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