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Yacht Club News November 2010

Earl Expedites New Awning
at St. Maarten Yacht Club

Thanks to the concerted effort of a handful of volunteer members, the SMYC escaped relatively unscathed from Hurricane Earl as it passed through St. Maarten on Monday August 30.

Two work teams were coordinated by Youth Sailing Director, Maaike van Mameren. "It's amazing how much work can be done when a group of people works together," said Maaike. "They worked hard all weekend to put every one of the Club's boats away, clear the docks, and secure the floating dock. The newly enlarged bar was clamped shut and, thanks to some of our youth members, all the restaurant furniture stashed away."

Earl assisted the club in removing the ancient, badly leaking, awning that extends over the restaurant area. The awning was scheduled for replacement later this year and work on a new awning was well under way. Thanks to Earl, the club decided not only to replace the awning, but also to upgrade its structural framework to improve both the look and functionality of the club house. Rob Gilders, senior board member commented: "Hurricanes are never nice, but the Club will end up better off for this one." www.smyc.com

Papucho IV at the
Curacao Yacht Club

The Curacao Yacht Club at Spanish Water is now home port for the 45ft sports fishing boat Papucho IV. Skippered by Charles 'Gordo' Heldewier, boat and crew form a solid team in Curacao's sports fishing industry.

Curacao waters may be new territory to Papucho IV, but not for her captain. From a young age Heldewier was a frequent visitor of the Curacao Yacht Club and he took every opportunity to fish with the older and experienced members to learn the tricks of the trade.

Having rebuilt three boats, Heldewier decided to follow his dream and start his own charter business with Papucho IV. Curacao Yacht Club wishes Captain Gordo EXITO! www.fishcuracao.com

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