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Yacht Club News August 09

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All at Sea thanks Danielle DeRouck of the St. Lucia Yacht Club for providing this report:  The Yacht Club de la Martinique (YCM) organized La Transcanal Regatta from Martinique to St. Lucia on Saturday, May 30, and invited the St. Lucia Yacht Club (SLYC) to participate.

Five local Martinique yachts and one Lucian J24 participated: Sonadio & Open the Barre in the racing class, Ocean Two, Foxy & Europa in the Cruising Class. The only J24, Grayling, was skippered by Edgar Roe and his junior sailing crew from SLYC. A powerboat carrying the representatives from La Conseil Regional de Martinique accompanied the fleet. Sonadio, an Archambault A40, was the first to cross the finish line at 13.41.

All yachts headed into Rodney Bay Marina where they had arranged to leave their boats at reduced rates thanks to IGY Marina. Sailors attended a briefing for Sunday’s race, prize giving and dinner. Philippe Volny, Président of the Yacht Club de la Martinique, Lionel Baud, President of the association Open the Barre who heads the organizing committee of Le Combat de Coques, Albert Lapiquonne Club Nautique du Marin Sailing School and Jean Michel Pastourelli Sailing Instructor Cluc Sportif Militaire de la Martinique attended.

Jean Trudo presented the prizes from YCM and a traditional exchanging of Burgees was made between the Philippe Volny, YCM and Charles Devaux, SLYC, Commodores of the two clubs. On Sunday racing continued in Rodney Bay with the St Lucian J24s and Lasers racing with the Martinique yachts, followed by a beach BBQ.

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St Lucia Yacht Club

Danielle DeRouck reported on the “End of Term Fun Day” for 28 of St. Lucia’s 40 sailing kids. Four teams were formed: Solar Powered, Schizophrenic Pathogens, Blue Tied, Grasshoppers. Lily (our Sailing Programme Administrator) headed the organization, assisted by the coaches Rob and Katie.

The day started off with Trivia questions like "How old is the Yacht Club?” (yes, indeed 45 years!) The kids then had to make a balancing "sculpture" with recycled material and run a challenging obstacle course.

In the afternoon, the games continued till 4 p.m. The club presented awards for both the Fun Day and for the 2nd Optimist Championship (see report this issue.) www.stluciayachtclub.com 

St. Maarten Yacht Club

Administrator Petra Guilders supplied a great report and photos of the club’s 2nd annual “Statia/Nevis Offshore Regatta” June 12 to 14. Seven yachts set off on the first leg to Statia Friday morning. The Race Committee flew to Statia to finish the race – but not quick enough – as the French side trimaran Karibuni had made the trip in three and a half hours! An hour later, Bobby Velasquez arrived with his crew on L’Esperance, followed by Panic Attack, Kick em Jenny, Kate from St. Kitts, Nipolos and Antares. The teams gathered at the Old Gin House for a great BBQ Dinner.

Saturday morning was the trip to Nevis. With hot, unfavorable sailing conditions, the fleet was slower to arrive than anticipated, and an afternoon race that had been organized by the Nevis Yacht Club had to be cancelled. Crews were happy to get ashore to the Oualie Beach Resort where at the buffet dinner there was a burgee exchange between the two Yacht Clubs and impromptu prizes for several boats.

Sunday morning was the last leg and again, Karibuni had the Race Committee rushing to get to their plane and fly to St. Maarten before their arrival in Simpson Bay….which they did, but without a minute to spare! Karibuni sailed the trip from Nevis to Simpson Bay in just under four hours.

Prize Giving was held at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club on Sunday evening. Karibuni was awarded “Fastest boat around the Course”. L’Esperance won the Non Spinnaker Class, and Panic Attack came first in Spinnaker Class.

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