The Antigua Mega Yacht Challenge Moves Forward

2006 brings with it the unparalleled spectacle of the 5th
Annual Antigua Mega Yacht Challenge. Responding to suggestions of past
contestants, the Race Committee has moved this year’s Mega Yacht
Challenge forward to the weekend of March 25th, 26th and

Open to
Mega Yachts of 100’ or more, the Antigua Mega Yacht Challenge has proven
itself a popular event with both yachtsmen and spectators. For three days these
Mega yachts battle it out with six pursuit races, the slowest yacht starting
first. The races can be anywhere from twelve to thirty miles in length. A
handicap is mathematically adjusted for each race so that every vessel has the
opportunity to win.

Over the
years, fifteen mega yachts from around the world have raced the southern
Antiguan waters. Sariyah,
Mari Cha III, Georgia,
Victoria of Strathern,
Salperton, Beagle V, Velsheda,
Gibian, Unfurled, Ipanema,
Destination Fox Harbour, Zingaro, Cambria and
Anemos have all participated.
At 132’, S & S Sariyah
has met the challenge the most consistently, entering almost every year.

for the Challenge are based on race results and additional prizes are awarded
in the categories Best Owner Driver and Best Elapsed Time. The
“bottomless” barrels of English Harbour Rum decorated with a
scrimshaw plaque have become collector’s items. Not
only for their beauty but also for the winners ability to fill the barrel with
English Harbour Rum whenever they return the barrel to the Antigua Yacht Club.

Antigua Mega Yacht Challenge provides a wonderful opportunity for the big guys
to race each other, warm up for the popular St. Bart’s Bucket and have
some fun before the Caribbean season comes to
an end. For the spectator, it provides the excitement of speed and spectacle
and for Antigua, it further adds to our
reputation as one of the sailing capitals of the world.

Registration for the 2006 Mega Yacht Challenge is now open and will
remain so until March 23rd. There is a $1500.00 entry fee and a 10%
discount will be applied to all yachts entering by March 1st.

For more
information about the Mega Yacht Challenge, contact the Antigua Yacht Club
website at