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Dominica the Island of 365 Rivers

Dominica, the Island of 365 Rivers:The anchorage, Portsmouth. Photo by Monica Pisani

Journey, our 42ft sloop, Captain Jonathan, and I, his loyal first mate, started our sailing adventure in December 2013 leaving from Florida. We sailed the Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, as we made our way south, stopping at …

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Sandy Spirits: Beach Bars That Rock

Sandy Spirits: Beach Bars That Rock Keep your head down - Sunset Beach Bar, St. Maarten. Photo by Jan Hein

A beach and a bar form a perfect union. Working together, they create a venue where thirsty clients can heat up and cool down while enjoying a watery view. However, they’re not created equal – these bars on the beach – …

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Cruisers Ashore: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  It’s true. Otherwise sane, well-adjusted cruisers forget who and what they are—and nonchalantly wander ashore. This almost always ends in disaster. Why? First off, there’s the cheapness issue. Men and women off multimillion-dollar yachts watch their pennies fiercely. Just …

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