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Kaniché XO – Barbados

One day we got a strange text message. “We’re having a rum tasting this week. What would you recommend?” We couldn’t type fast enough. After giving him a list of our favorites he texts back, “Have you ever had Kaniché?” Honestly, …

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Pusser’s Rum Aged 15 Years

Pussers Rum

On a recent trip to Annapolis, we had to make a stop at Mill’s Fine Wine and Spirits to check out the rum selection stocked for incoming cruisers. Lo and behold there was the Pusser’s Rum Aged 15 Years; a …

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All At Sea Goes to the Movies!

All At Sea goes to the Movies

The Caribbean is a film-makers paradise and you can sail to many of the locations where some of the great box office hits were shot in recent years. Our senior writer Carol Bareuther put on her critic’s cap and came …

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Sailing with Charlie: A Merry Life … Ho Ho Ho

Santa & Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates, their history and lore are fascinating and have been very much in the public eye since the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy several years ago. Everyone loves a pirate – but why? Because he represents freedom, an escape …

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Martinique: The Belle Island

The Bay off Fort de France is a popular anchorage for both locals and cruisers seeking a bit of shore bound excitement. Photo by Mark Stevens

If you’ve dropped the hook off a village called Trois Islets in the southern reaches of one of the Windwards’ most picturesque islands, you’re not even overnighting in Martinique’s best anchorage. That one you have to find on your own. …

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Rum Punch

But rum punch is often used in a more subtle way, as a pacifier, a soother for guests who have experienced the not uncommon frustrating experiences of Caribbean island life.

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