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Call Me Sting …

Jellyfish sting

In times like these when countries seem intent on moving further apart, I was delighted to receive news of an amazing act of generosity following the St. Martin Billfish Tournament. When a couple of boats had problems at sea, they …

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Jellyfish Sting? BEST Treatment Tips!

Jellyfish : Purple-striped Jelly (Chrysaora Colorata)

At any time during the year and in every ocean, swimmers and divers encounter jellyfish. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, from translucent to vibrant colors like pink, yellow, purple, and even luminescent. They range in size …

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Jellyfish Season

As the waters warm thus comes the onslaught of Jellyfish. Here’s a brief primer to Jellyfish identification, how to avoid being stung and ultimately the treatment of the sting.

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