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Yacht Safety: Oxygen Deprivation Corrosion

yacht safety: Oxygen deprivation corrosion:The propeller shaft inside the tube, where you can’t see it, is prone to crevice corrosion. Photo: OceanMedia

Recently a senior pilot for US Airways told me that on commercial airplanes all operational hours are meticulously logged, and how regulations dictate that essential mechanical and electronic parts are replaced after a certain number of hours regardless of whether …

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“Call My Insurance Agent, Then Abandon Ship!”

Fatty raced as tactician aboard Joe Colpitt’s 56-foot Gold Coast catamaran, Virgin Fire, many times and had the honor of finishing in first place twice in the highly competitive multihull class of the Heineken Regatta of Sint Maarten.

Within the last year, two nearly identical “multihull SAR incidents” have taken place in the Atlantic Ocean off the eastern seaboard of the United States: two brand-new, fully insured, professionally-skippered luxury catamarans were abandoned offshore with dry bilges during winter …

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Caribbean Yacht Insurance

  Yacht insurance has always been a bit of  an issue in the Caribbean and somewhat expensive but neither of these need be the case if Caribbean governments would make third party insurance compulsory and if insurance companies viewed the …

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