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South Florida News : Miami-Dade Styrofoam Ban

Miami-Dade Styrofoam Ban

“Birds, filter-feeding organisms, and fish often mistake foam particles for food and many sea birds are found dying of starvation with their bellies full of plastic particles. This ban represents a commitment to cleaning up our waterways and preserving the …

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The Dish: “Mad About May” Fish Tacos

The Dish: Mad About May Fish tacos

May is my transition month from the Caribbean back to North Carolina. During the winter season I have enjoyed tasting and rating Fish Tacos, which have become very popular. My favorite was from Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill on Water Island.   …

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Colorful Shrimp of Bonaire

Colorful Shrimp of Bonaire: Male Banded Coral shrimp. Photo by Charles ‘Chuck’ Shipley

As a frequent diver in the clear waters of Bonaire, I have become obsessed with observing the little creatures that reside there. Among my favorites are the colorful shrimp. Some species are found on certain coral, and many live in …

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Here Fishy, Fishy

  I am allergic to cats and I will lay money that ALL cats on this earth know that.They jump on my lap, weave in and out of my legs and even walk across the top of couches to snuggle and …

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