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All At Sea Goes to the Movies!

All At Sea goes to the Movies

The Caribbean is a film-makers paradise and you can sail to many of the locations where some of the great box office hits were shot in recent years. Our senior writer Carol Bareuther put on her critic’s cap and came …

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Ever Wondered About a Water Maker?

Water Maker: Our water maker removed from its snug position under the sink and looking a bit sorry for itself prior to overhaul. Photo by Sim Hoggarth

Have you ever wondered about a water maker? We did. Every time I lugged those jerry jugs aboard. Every time I ran across the bay to the water dock in the dinghy on a wild and windy day. Every time …

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A Cruiser’s DIY Toolbox

A Cruiser's Toolbox: Sail repairs while on passage

Whenever I’m given the choice on clearance forms whether our boat classifies as a Commercial Vessel or Pleasure Craft, I fight the urge to draw another box with the label ‘Floating Workshop’ or ‘Sailing Building Site’. Not that life on …

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The Chicken Bus

The chicken bus is also a work of art. Photo by Barbara J. Hart

With five years of cruising under our keel—mostly in the Caribbean—we’re old hands at riding the local buses and safaris, and used to small island countries where we can travel from one end to the other in an hour. Panama …

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Plant a Garden on a Cruising Boat

Safety harness for our Thai-basil, cilantro, oregano, spinach, mint and basil. Photo by Birgit Hackl

  The deep indigo and azure of the open ocean, the sparkling light-blue and turquoise of an anchorage – the cruising life comes mainly in shades of blue. Wouldn’t a speck of green be something on which to rest the …

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Vero Beach: A Treasure Coast Gem

Photo by Rick Caroselli

We moved aboard our catamaran Makana over eight years ago in South Africa. After sailing across the Atlantic, my wife Katie, our daughter Hoku and I enjoyed exploring the many islands of the Caribbean and up the U.S. East Coast …

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Cruising As a Way of Life

Chuck and Barbara Shipley’s 48ft Kadey-Krogen North Sea Tusen Takk II photographed in La Tortuga, Venezuela

We asked a number of full-time cruisers to take our survey and tell us why they cruise; their likes and dislikes, and the secrets of maintaining a healthy relationship on a small boat. Barbara Hart and husband EW have lived …

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The Joke of Clearing, Indo-Style!

  Once upon a time, a gentlemen sailor requested ‘pratique’ from some land-bound gents—during which they toasted each other’s health. In those days, French was the language of diplomacy, and ‘pratique’ (meaning ‘practice’) was an excellent time for both parties …

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Back at the Helm

Sea Spell anchored along the ICW. Photo by Joanne Lucey

Nine years ago my wife and I sailed out of Houston with no plans to return other than to eventually empty out our 10-foot storage unit. We’d sold whatever didn’t fit in that unit or onboard our 38-foot Morgan sloop …

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