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Living Righteously While Practicing What You Preach

I was dozing off on the Singapore bus, returning to Ganesh after a day attempting to figure out how to promote my latest book while lying around my cockpit in Southeast Asia. It was a complicated marketing problem—and I pride myself …

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Don’t Sing No Boatyard Blues!


September and it’s time for our annual look at ‘what’s new’ around our Caribbean boatyards and spotlight the facilities that are upping their game. Happily, it seems like they all are and that is wonderful news for those about to …

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Slowing Devices: Cheapo Drogues for Cheapo Sailors

Slowing devices : The modified drogue and the experimental Flat Fat Drogue undergoing tests in the swimming pool

Very few Caribbean vessels sport the type of offshore safety gear that is common aboard an Indian Ocean cruising vessel. Just in terms of commercial drogues (slowing devices) we carry a Shark, Burke Sea Brake, Gale Rider, and a Paratech …

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Books For the Holidays (Reviews by All At Sea)

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander Creative Anchoring

Creative Anchoring: Everything About Anchoring by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander will change the way to think about one of the most basic maneuvers in boating. This ‘how to do’ book/manual is the most comprehensive one-subject tome we have ever read. Every technique, every …

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The Latest on (“… Shhhh!”) Inboards

  I want to congratulate the Silent Sailor™ group of marine diesel manufacturers for producing their ultra-quiet ‘stealth’ line of auxiliary engines for sailboats. In true capitalistic fashion, they found a major need in the global marketplace and filled it—soundlessly. They …

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