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Deep Blue Marine Products

Photo by Glenn Hayes

There are times when we find a gadget which makes our day on the water better – the kind of product that makes you think to yourself “why didn’t I think of this?” These gadgets aren’t usually technically advanced and …

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The Sea Pearl: Born Out of the Shallows

Jim Leet in front of a recently rejuvenated monohull at the Marine Concepts Sea Pearl shop. Photo by Glenn Hayes

On a beach overlooking St. Joseph’s Sound in Tarpon Springs, Fla., two friends studied a chart of the surrounding waters.  Depths were six inches in places at low tide with deeper spots still only two feet. They wanted to develop …

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The Traditional Dive Helmet Maker

In an age of technology where ever-changing, sleek, highly complex machines are part of our everyday lives, there are still pieces of our past that not only continue to function as they always have, but that can also now be …

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