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Skylights – Jun 06


The duel between little Mars and much larger Saturn on the evening race course with Mercury looking on, makes an exciting event to watch during mid-month, particularly since the former two skirmish with the Beehive cluster (use binoculars). See further details in planet particulars.

The Summer solstice occurs on Wed. the 21 st.

Five minor meteor showers sprinkle the skies throughout the month with the June Bootid meteors most favorable, peaking on morning of Wed. the 28 th.


Apricot-hued Mars and champagne Saturn jockey around the Beehive cluster with Saturn in the center of it on the 5 th. Saturn is upper left of Mars during first half of month, but on the 13 th, both are just over one degree to either side of the Beehive. On the 15 th Mars squats right inside it and on the 17 th comes closest to Saturn, barely one-half degree or a Moon’s width away. Ten days later Mars slows as Saturn puts on speed to crawl ahead.

Mercury looks over its shoulder at the two as it creeps toward the finish line on the 27 th, but there is no catching Mercury when it slips uncontested over the finish line.

Venus remains aloof and supreme on the early morning race course, while Jupiter ambles along in the south with no other company.


Fri. 2 nd: Regulus in Leo in evening
Wed. 7 th: Spica in Virgo in evening
Thu. 8 th: Jupiter in evening
Sat. 10 th: Antares in Scorpius in evening
Thu. 22 nd: Venus and the Pleiades star cluster before dawn
Fri. 23 rd: Aldebaran in Taurus before dawn
Mon. 26 th: Pollux in Gemini and Mercury in evening
Tue. 27 th: Saturn in evening
Wed. 28 th: Mars in evening
Thu. 29 th: Regulus in Leo in evening


Dusk: Alpha Centauri, Vega, Altair, Spica
Dawn: Sirius, Vega, Achernar, Capella

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