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Laurance Rockefeller, Patron of the BVI, Dies


The reason that we have magnificent parks and undeveloped lands in the BVI is due to the philanthropy of Laurance Rockefeller who was on both the BVI National Parks Trust and the BVI Tourist Boards.

Upon Rockefeller’s recent death BVI Chief Minister, Dr. Orlando Smith stated, “Laurance first came to the BVI in the early 1960s, when we were a territory of farmers and fishermen. Mr. Rockefeller saw our islands and had a vision for our land that was not based on exploitation of natural resources. It was not a vision of extracting wealth; instead it was of creating a haven where development and conservation went hand in hand and where the fruits of success were distributed widely and were
beneficial to all…Through his warmth, he earned our friendship and he never took that for granted. Last September, I had the pleasure of leading a delegation to New York to extend to Mr. Laurance Rockefeller the highest honour
a BVI government can bestow on any friend of our territory – that of Belonger…Nothing less could have possibly expressed the depth of our gratitude and extent of our admiration for this good man.”We all admired and respected this great man and are saddened by his passing.


The Chief Minister was also on hand for his cup, featuring Caribbean Junior teams, during the weekend of July 10th.

Team St. Thomas successfully defended its title after winning all nine races in the two day event, organized by the two Rotary Clubs of Tortola and held at Nanny Cay. Event coordinator John Lewis told me that the event was most successful. “We had eleven good teams that sailed they hearts out with good winds.

The sailing was wonderful. We had some brand new boats and a different format.

Team Tortola didn’t do as good as we would have liked, but, we are hoping that they will keep trying and want to win as the others do. St. Thomas is the dominant team, but they can be beaten.” Team Tortola had won the Firecracker Regatta the week before but somehow lost their energy at the CMC.It was great to see all of the youngsters competing though and Nanny Cay proved to be the perfect venue for the event.The Final standings were: #1 St. Thomas, 9 points; #2 Antigua, 16; #3 Trinidad, 23; #4 St. Croix, 27; #5 St. John & St. Lucia 28; #6 Bequia & Tobago, 31; #7 Tortola, 35; #8 Anquilla, 46; Virgin Gorda, DNF.


Run by the RBVIYC and sponsored by TICOs & the Anegada Reef Hotel, wind conditions blew a steady 20 knots, with small seas and clear skies, making the weekend of July 17th the perfect weekend for the 26 mile course from Road Town, Tortola, to Anegada.

According to Kay Reddy, documentarian for the event, “Race Officer Bob Phillips overturned a ladies first submission and ruled that the all male boat Pyjamas and all female crew Mickey Mouse would start the race together at 9:05 am. An appeal by Tempest
for rating allowance due to towing a blue shark over the course was overturned and prompted the addition of a floating island added to the back of the boat (complete with Palm Tree). After protests of speeding and causing wake were thrown out Triple Jack emerged victorious and was awarded the Anegada Reef Prize and Trophy for 1st.”Moondance & Invictus came in 2nd and 3rd
respectfully.Both boats are from the USVI.

Have a great month and let’s congratulate Chris on taking over All At Sea and the new format.We hope that all of our readers will enjoy it.


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