Sanitation Creations Launches Waterless, Odorless Dungaroo Toilet at Miami Boat Show

The Dungaroo Toilet
The Dungaroo Toilet

Start-up company Sanitation Creations, announces the launch of their new product, the Dungaroo toilet at the 2014 Miami Boat Show. The patent-pending Dungaroo toilet marks the next evolution of the bathroom experience for boats and RVs. The new eco-friendly design is waterless, odorless, and requires no pumps or electricity.

The Dungaroo toilet eliminates the need for complicated pipes or messy black water tanks

The Dungaroo toilet uses a unique, plastic multi-layered film that traps odors, while an anti-microbial kills aromatic bacteria and viruses with each flush.

The innovative design seals, treats and converts bio-hazardous waste into ordinary trash that can be safely disposed of at any trash receptacle.

“The Dungaroo toilet eliminates the need for complicated pipes or messy black water tanks,” says Liz Morris, CEO and founder of Sanitation Creations. “Boat and RV users can enjoy their trips without having to worry about all the headaches that come with current boat and RV toilet options.”

For a limited time the Dungaroo toilet will be offered at discounted boat show pricing of $400 per unit. The Dungaroo toilet and Refill Kits can both be purchased through Sanitation Creation’s online store. Manufacturing is starting this month and delivery is expected in late April or early May.

About Sanitation Creations

Sanitation Creations offers eco-friendly, hygienic sanitation solutions that are odorless, waterless, and economical.  The company is focused on improving the comfort and cleanliness of portable toilets in the United Stated while working towards helping the 2.5 billion people around the world without access to adequate sanitation. To learn more about Sanitation Creations and the Dungaroo toilet, visit their website at or follow them on twitter @besttoilet.