Caribbean News: First Primus Wind Power Authorized Service Dealer in Grenada

Primus Wind Power Grenada : Simeon Joseph of Budget Marine  and Ronnel Roberts of Spice Island Marine Services
Simeon Joseph of Budget Marine and Ronnel Roberts of Spice Island Marine Services

First Primus Wind Power Authorized Service Dealer in Grenada
Sailboats have harnessed the power of the wind for thousands of years to propel their vessels on the high seas. Today, with the assistance of small wind turbines, wind power is being used not only for propulsion, but also to charge the battery banks of sailboats and yachts without the use of an alternator or generator.

Spice Island Marine Services has been secured as the official Warranty and Repair Center for Primus Wind Power products sold by Budget Marine Grenada. This gives clients of Budget Marine the opportunity to both purchase Primus Wind Power products and have access to skilled, Primus trained technicians who will handle warranty and repair work, all at the same location. This is the first Primus Wind Power Authorized Service Dealer located in the Caribbean.

Gary Brown
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