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Caribbean Racing Season 2017: January to March

RORC Caribbean 600. Photo: RORC Caribbean 600/ELWJ Photography

Here’s what, where, when and how you can jump aboard during the peak Caribbean racing season. January 16-24: Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series Break records on January 21 at the 81st Mount Gay Round Barbados Race. “We have 14 …

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Sailing with Charlie: Fun

Sailing With Charlie: Fun, Graphics by Christine Taylor

February is the coldest month of the year in the northern hemisphere –somewhat surprising really since the winter solstice passes some five weeks prior to February 1st. In the Caribbean, February is the middle of the high season when thousands …

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Message in a Bottle

Macy Barringer (6), Ben Barringer (4), Willy Gerritsen (6) and Charlie Gerritsen (5) all from St Thomas get ready to launch their ‘message in a bottle’ off the coast of Anegada

It’s the thing that childhood dreams are made of – a world of pirates, desert islands and treasure maps. And as seven children found out this summer adventure can be had with nothing more than an empty bottle, a piece …

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Sailing With Charlie: Look Before You Leap

Graphics by Hannah Welch

Quick thinking is often associated with intelligence. Quick thinking often saves lives, averts serious accidents and can save disastrous losses in stock market transactions. But it can also have negative impacts in certain situations when the overall picture is not …

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Caribbean Flamingos

Bahamas - Flamingos in the pink! Photo: Lynn Gape

You don’t need to be an avid birdwatcher to recognize a flamingo. This tropical flier’s long spindly legs, S-shaped neck and bright pink color set it apart from the rest of the feathered animal kingdom. The flamingo’s appearance also makes …

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Superyacht Solution for the BVI

Photo by Captain Warren East

Fifty years ago, when the British Virgin Islands popped up on the radar as a place to cruise, the idea of a “megayacht marina” was about as conceivable as wireless internet. Now it’s possible for a superyacht to turn up, …

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Interline Regatta: To Race or To Party?

Sailors party during a raft-up at Leverick Bay. Photo by Todd VanSickle

Over the 33 years the The Moorings has hosted the Interline Regatta, it has continued to live up to its reputation of good sailing and great parties. From October 14th – 23rd, airline professionals from around the world competed in …

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The Great Watering Holes of Anegada

While August can bring hurricanes to our islands, it can also bring calm bathtub seas and unsurpassed beauty. With all of the hi-tech weather forecasting that sailors have at their disposal there is no reason to assume that a sail …

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Shipwrecks as a Part of BVI History

The history of the Caribbean is filled with nautical adventures and shipwrecks. Nowhere is this more true than in the British Virgin Islands. Since moving to the Virgins some 20 years ago, I have enjoyed collecting information on the numerous …

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8th Annual Dark and Stormy Anegada Race

WOW! What a weekend – what we didn’t have in wind we certainly made up for in camaraderie. The highly successful 8th "Dark & Stormy" Anegada Race was held March 11 – 14th in the British Virgin Islands. This year, …

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Anegada’s Conch Shell Island

Conch shells have maintained, through the years, a source of endless fascination for me. I have collected them, polished and given as tokens to friends, and I have collected them, in various sizes and states of beauty, since I arrived …

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Explore Anegada

Anegada is unlike any other island in the Caribbean chain. It’s a flat coral atoll, its highest peak only 28-feet above sea level, with white sand, salt ponds and scrub vegetation. The turquoise seas flowing over the surrounding coral reefs …

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