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October 2011 Docklines from the Errol Flynn Marina

June 2011 Docklines from the Errol Flynn Marina Jamaica

48TH PORT ANTONIO MARLIN TOURNAMENT- If you didn’t get your entry fee in before June 30, you are out of luck for the early bird discounted rates but you can still join in by registering and paying on line. The tournament unfolds Oct. 15 to 22 at the Old Marina with four days of serious fishing interspersed with a superb entertainment and general good old partying. Check out www.jamaicasportfishing.com Always included with the tournament week is the Canoe Tournament (27th Annual this year!) which features local fishing boats vying for a variety of prizes provided by the Portland Chamber of Commerce. Regular marlin competition days are on the 17,18,20 and 21 October and the Canoe Tournament is on Oct.19. The tournament is run under the auspices of the Sir Henry Morgan Angling Association Limited under the direction of
Dr. Ron DuQuesnay. Dr. Duquesnay is encouraging participants to not wait until the
last minute as berthing is available only for 40 boats at the Old Marina. DuQuesnay
also notes that an electrical system upgrade has been completed in advance of the
tournament. The upgrade was done in close cooperation with the Errol Flynn Marina
and Port Authority of Jamaica which owns the property.

Details regarding the
tournament, including sponsorship, commercial participation, etc., can also be had by
contacting Dr. Duquesnay at 876-909-8818 or by email at [email protected] Anglers are hoping for a repeat of the fantastic weather they had in 2010 when record
numbers of Marlin were landed or released. Heaviest Marlin in 2010 was 338 pounds.
The Yacht “Diana” was overall winning team and Owners Richard and Diana Stewart
will be trying hard to repeat their 2010 performance. For the complete schedule of events, please turn to page 2 of this issue.

YACHT AID GLOBAL COMES TO JAMAICA– Errol Flynn Marina has offered its services to
Yacht Aid Global (YAG) to assist in receiving humanitarian goods for needy individuals and organisations in Jamaica. The first delivery is expected in Port Antonio in
November, according to Mark Dremelow, founder and coordinator of the project. YAG
matches yachts with goods destined to needy nations around the world asking the yachts
to carry the donations as freight to various destinations on their itinerary. Errol Flynn
Marina personnel will coordinate the arrival of the goods with local customs officials
and recipients to insure a smooth arrival procedure. Curiously, the first yacht to arrive
in Port Antonio, is appropriately named “Hope”. Marina personnel will assist in the
handling of the donations.

ONCE IN 823 YEARS THIS MONTH – Have you noticed that this month (October) has five
Sundays, Mondays and Saturdays. That occurs only once in every 823 years!


Saturday, October 15th to Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
(Unless Indicated Otherwise, All Events Take place at the Port Antonio
Marina DOM)

Saturday, October 15th
1100 – 1800 hrs. Registration & Settling in – Bar & Restaurant Open
1600 – until Surprise Marina Fete – Reggae & Soca Music at Marina.
DOM Karaoke Nite.

Sunday, October 16th
1100 – 1600 hrs. Registration 1730 Hours (5.30 p.m.) Captain’s
Briefing on 2011 Rules, Port Antonio Marina Main Hall.1800 hrs. until….
Welcome Aboard Cocktails with Johnny Rodger’s Disco at the “ole” Port Antonio
Marina, sponsored by Stewart’s Automotive Group. Opening Co-Hosted by Di
Ole Marina, Appleton Rums, Red Stripe Light, Lascelles Wines, Lillan, Ltd.,
Master Macs, Burger King, Rainforest Seafood, Continental Bakery, TasTee
Patties Ltd., The Jamaica Broilers Group, Chas. E. Ramson, CALS Syrups and
Real Vibes Party Wine, Tropical Burst & The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB).

Monday, October 17th
National Heroes Day 2011 -06.30 hrs. Marina Jamaican Buffet Breakfast, Boat &
Angler “Late” Registration. 0700 Early morning Captain’s Briefing and Rules
2011 Clarification, Breakfast Hall. 0800 Official Opening by the Custos of
Portland. Boat Parade pass Titchfield Point 0845 Bimini Start – JDF Cannon
Start outside of Port Antonio Lighthouse. 0900 Start of Fishing. 1700 End of
Fishing. 1. Weigh Station Closes. 2. Documentary Movies on deep sea angling/
TBF Presentation by P. Chaibongsai. 1. Evening of Excellence – Fashion Parade
by Yemaya Models by CIVehicles.2. Domino Primary Elimination

Tuesday, October 18th
0530 Marina Breakfast. 0700 Start of Fishing. 1700 End of Fishing.¨ Weigh
Station Closes. 2000 “Wild & Wet T-Shirt and Balloon Dance Contest” and
Karaoke Night. Sponsored by “Head First”. Come, participate and/or be a judge.
3. Domino semi-finals.

Wednesday, Oct. 19th
Lay (Rest) Day. 0730 Marina Breakfast. 0800 Start of Stone’s Ginger Wine
Canoe Parade & 27th Canoe Tournament. 0930 Rio Grande Bamboo Raft Cruise
with Red Stripe Light & Appleton Rum, Tropical Burst and Island Happy Ice &
Beverage Co . A Somerset Falls Pool Party. 1. End of Canoe Tournament Fishing
The 27th Local Artesian Canoe & Stone’s Ginger Wine Prize Giving, Co-sponsored
by Pet Com, JTB, Tropical Burst & the Portland Chamber of Commerce.

Thursday, Oct. 20th
0530 Marina Jamaican Buffet Breakfast. 0700 Start of Fishing. 1. End of
Fishing. 1. Weigh Station closes. 2. Domino Finals and Awards. 1. Fine Dining by
Reservations Only. 1. DOM Karaoke Night.

Friday, October 21st
0530 Marina Jamaican Buffet Breakfast. 0700 Start of Fishing. 1500 End of
Fishing. 1. Weigh Station Closes. 2. Preliminary Settlement of Accounts. 1900
Althea Hewitt & Pon FyAh Band – Entertainment by The Port Authority of
Jamaica. 2000 Grand Prize Giving. 2100 Althea Hewitt & Pon FyAh Band –
Entertainment by The Port Authority of Jamaica.

Saturday October 22nd
0930-1300 Pay Day and Final Settlement of Accounts.

MARINA WEDDINGS POPULAR– Errol Flynn Marina is becoming an ever-increasingly popular location for tying the knot. A variety of locations at the marina are suitable
for such events; depending on the size of the party. Most popular for large weddings
is the covered Ken Wright Pier which can accommodate up to several hundred guests.
The pier is also sufficiently large to even accommodate a chapel in the event the bridal
party cares to have their nuptials performed there. Both Norma’s Beach Bar and Grille
and Marybelle’s Pub on the Pier host and cater weddings and special parties of all
types. For additional information on marina locations, costs, contact Christine Downer
at 876-715-6044. Norma’s number is 876-993-9510. Marybelle’s phone is 876-413-9731. The various facilities are also available for events of all types including birthdays,
anniversaries, retirement fetes and award events.

SEVERAL RENTAL LOCATIONS OPEN– A 90-seat fully furnished restaurant, 600-square
foot duty-free shop and an air conditioned office formerly occupied by Jamaica’s Tourist
Product Development Company are all available for lease at the Errol Flynn Marina in
Port Antonio. For details on these excellent locations, contact Marina General Manager
Dale Westin at 876-71-044 or [email protected]

THE OLD CUBA WATCHER– Just when you think that USA-Cuba relations are starting to
thaw and there is some prospect for an actual lifting of the restrictions on Americans
travelling to the forbidden island, one party or the other does something to upset the
applecart. This time it is Fidel, the Old Jefe himself, spouting off that Obama’s policies
are “Stupid”. It seems President Obama, in a Sept. 28 address, indicated that changes
in Cuba with regard to individual freedom had to occur before any further USA policy
changes toward the country could be expected. Some changes are occurring in Cuba,
such as permitting individuals to engage in certain types of private enterprise and even
going so far as to permit the sale and purchase of automobiles and homes. However,
Raul Castro’s government still remains largely in the hands of the “Over the Hill Gang”
crew that joined Raul and Fidel in their fight against the Batista government more
than a half-century ago. Octogenarians fill almost all of the key Cuban government
posts today. The sudden death in September of Cuban Vice President and Defense
Minister Gen. Julio Casas Regueiro underscores the challenge Cuba faces in replacing
a generation of revolutionaries who are now in their eighties. Casas Regueiro was
Number 4 in the Cuban hierarchy and was 75 when he dropped dead of a heart attack.

Errol Flynn Marina and Shipyard
Box 188-Ken Wright Drive- Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica, W. I.
Tel: 876-715-6044 or 876-993-3209 Fax: 876-715-6033
www.errolflynnmarina.com – email: [email protected]
VHF Channel 16/9—18 11.65’N, 76 26.875W – Use DMA Chart 26129 or Admiralty 458 (Recommended)

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