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Quarantine Period for Dogs Eased for Entry to Trinidad

YSATT’s Dinghy “Loaner”

YSATT is now offering a ‘loaner’ dinghy for use to victims of theft. The dinghy is maintained by YSATT member Maxwill Inflatables and was donated by the owner of s/v Eurasia.

“As with anywhere else in the Caribbean, dinghy theft occurs occasionally in Chaguaramas Bay,” says YSATT’s Jacqueline Clarke. “We felt that this offer could be made available to the victim while the Coast Guard searches for the dinghy. We are pleased to note that on the last two occasions of reported theft the dinghies were recovered intact.” For more information contact YSATT at (868) 634 4938 or email[email protected].

Quarantine Laws on Animals Eased for Entry to Trinidad and Tobago

A change in the law has reduced the quarantine period for the importation of cats and dogs into Trinidad and Tobago. Under the amended Regulations, dogs and cats imported by air from countries evaluated as being rabies-free will be allowed direct entry to T&T without quarantine.

Pets from other countries where rabies is well controlled can be permitted entry by air with a reduced quarantine period of 30 days.

Animals from other countries, which may be considered high-risk for rabies, will be subject to at least six months’ quarantine.

Importation of cats and dogs from ALL countries requires an importation license which must be applied for 3 months prior to the travel date and the necessary arrangements must be made 24 hours before arrival for the animal to be inspected upon arrival. For a copy of the importation application form and for further information call (868) 625 5997.

The Inn Place to be

The Inn Place, located at the Village Square at Crews Inn Hotel and Yachting Centre, recently completed renovations to reveal a brand new kitchen and bar. The more inviting and friendly atmosphere is down to Jan Hardy, owner, and her new chef, Lofti.

Courtesy Boaters Enterprise

Boaters Enterprise Launches CD

Boaters’ Enterprise has launched a Boaters’ Directory CD. The Boater’s Directory provides useful information on Customs, Immigration, mail, transport, festivals, businesses, pet quarantine, etc. The CD will offer all the information contained in the original version of the Directory but will also provide an easy search feature of boatyards and contractors.

“Knowing that most cruisers have a computer aboard and limited space, a CD becomes a great on-board reference about the marine industry”, says Jack Dausend, publisher of the Boaters’ Directory.

Customs Overtime Rates Increase in Trinidad

Effective September 1, 2004 Customs overtime charges have been increased as follows:

Examination fees Monday to Friday, after 1600 TT$106.58

Weekends and public holidays TT$142.12

Boarding fee Monday to Friday, after 1600 TT$159.88

(paid on arrival) Weekends and public holidays

Clearance fee Monday to Friday, after 1600 TT$136.68

(paid on departure) Weekends and public holidays

Visit the world’s oldest protected rainforest

The northern part of Tobago boasts the oldest protected rainforest in the world – the Main Ridge Rainforest.

In 1764, scientist Stephen Hales convinced plantation owners that if they continued to clear the forest and enlarge their plantations, the island would be reduced to a barren desert. Legislation was passed in 1765 and deforestation came to a standstill shortly after, making the Main Ridge Rainforest the earliest nature reserve in the world.

The Rainforest Reserve Road runs through the reserve from just south of Roxborough through to Bloody Bay taking you past the entrance to Gilpin Trace, the most popular trail which leads to a beautiful waterfall and plunge pool.

Local certified tour guides are well informed and provide day and night tours. For further information visit www.visittobago.gov.tt

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