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New Products

new products

Free Interlux Paint Guide App
The Interlux® Boat Paint Guide is available as a free app for Apple® IOS and Android smartphones and tablets, designed to make it easy to access Interlux product information and select the correct Interlux paint system.

The Boat Paint Guide App features:
• A Quick Reference Guide for detailed Interlux products information.
• Interlux products health & safety information.
• A store locator to find your nearest Interlux dealer by address, or your location.
• A paint calculator to estimate how much Interlux paint you will need for your boat.



new products

Don’t let cracks stress you out
Quickly and easily repair stress cracks in gelcoat and fiberglass with MagicEzy Hairline Fix.

Available in 11 popular colors, non-toxic, non-hazardous, UV and water resistant, the Hairline Fix provides a strong, long-lasting repair, guaranteed for up to three years. A built-in applicator and ready-to-use formulation makes it easy to use with no mixing needed.



new products

The Mantus Head Lamp is designed for life on the water
This aluminum alloy headlamp features six Cree XM-LT LEDs that output 770 lumens and throw a beam up to 140 meters (420FT). Unit includes a red light for night navigation and an SOS signal that can be wrist mounted or attached to a life jacket making a perfect emergency beacon. The lamp is water resistance up to 10 meters (30ft) and rechargeable via a USB.



new products

Carbon Fiber Outrigger poles from Taco Marine
Taco Marine® Carbon Fiber Outrigger Poles, winner of a 2016 NMMA Product Innovation Award, are stronger and lighter than any aluminum poles on the market.

With its built in strength, the cylindrical design allows for today’s modern fishing techniques of pulling small dredges of ballyhoo, mullet or squids through the water at higher speeds that would be difficult to achieve with aluminum poles.

A patent pending, swivel roller mechanism allows for live baits or artificial lures to have a more natural swimming action, which will result in hooking up more fish. The Tele-Outrigger version (shown right) telescopes to less than 8ft for bridge clearance, trailering and storage and is sold in pairs, with two models (16ft with double line rollers and 20ft with triple line rollers) available for boats up to 50ft.



new products

A boat hook built to last
It’s an all too common scenario: someone reaches overboard to tend a line, and their boat hook slips from their grasp, quickly sinking out of sight. Hook-Mate premium boat hooks from Beckson Marine are fully sealed and float in the water, eliminating this familiar problem.

Hook-Mate boat hooks are crafted from a one-piece aluminum core, fully sheathed in PVC to be non-conductive. This important safety factor guards against accidental shocks, should a boater snag an electric wire while probing unfamiliar docks. Further, this construction eliminates corrosion and facilitates easy cleaning for a lifetime of service. It also helps to keep the boat hook cool to the touch on a sun-swept deck.

Built to fixed lengths, these boat hooks will not bend, collapse or pull apart in use, as can happen with jointed or telescopic models. The one-piece construction is immediately ready to use in any situation, with no fumbling or adjusting.

Beckson’s widely-copied, double ball hook end permits pushing, pulling, and line retrieval without slippage. The hook and the hand grip are aligned, which helps keep this tool properly orientated when extended underwater or used in the dark.

Available in sizes from 3ft to 8ft with a choice of red or blue handles and hooks, Beckson Hook-Mate boat hooks are guaranteed for five years.


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