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Self-Draining Portholes from Beckson Marine

New Products 2: Beckson Marine Self-draining Portholes 4-bec22724h

Portholes mounted on angled surfaces can trap residual water from rain and spray, making it impossible to open the port without getting wet. The Newport series of self-draining portholes from Beckson Marine are uniquely designed to prevent water from falling into the boat when opened.

Thanks to an angled drainage ramp that’s molded inside the spigot, Beckson Self Drain Opening Ports are ideal for surfaces up to 15° from vertical. For those with angles of up to 45° of vertical, Beckson Rain Drain Opening Ports utilize a Rain Drain channel molded into the frame for greater water-moving capability.

Engineered to fit typical mounting-hole sizes and CE and ISO 12216 approved for areas III and IV, cabin walls, and cockpit sides. Constructed to the highest standards to completely eliminate corrosion and condensation, and minimize leaks, both ports come with a choice of one or two inch spigot lengths. Standard models include an 8 1/2 inch round port, as well as rectangular units fitting hole sizes up to 7 1/2 x14 3/8 inch. Units include a screen and exterior trim ring. www.beckson.com


New Products 2: Bilge Filter System 3-bilgekleen

The Centek Industries BilgeKleen™ filter system automatically removes oil, gas, diesel fuel and other hydrocarbon pollutants from bilge water before it is discharged overboard.

The patented system uses a filtering medium that binds to hydrocarbons and allows water to pass through freely. As a result, over 99.9% of the hydrocarbon pollutants are captured, with no increase in pressure to the bilge pump. Installs easily to the bilge pump discharge line and includes an absorbent pad for the bilge sump area to capture harmful contaminants where they form. Fits almost any bilge space and is suitable for runabouts, megayachts and commercial vessels. www.centekindustries.com/bilge-kleen-filter.html


New Products 2: Intelliboat Ladder Sensors 5-IMG_9031
Intelliboat’s wireless system alerts you when your boarding ladder is down.

Never lose a boarding ladder again with the Intelliboat® Ladder Sensor.

The compact, waterproof, easy to install wireless system automatically alerts you when your boarding ladder is down to help prevent damage to it.

Audio and visual alarms are activated when the boat ignition key is on. Won’t interfere with engine operation or with other onboard electronics. www.intelliboat.com


New Products 2: Shakespeare Marine Cellular Booster 1-sha22707h
Shakespeare Marine Cellular Booster works with all US and Canada 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Life today demands a 24/7 connection, but reception on the water is notoriously uneven. Dropped calls and marginal service are a thing of the past for users of Shakespeare’s SuperHALO™ 5-Band Cellular Booster. The new 100+ Mbps device will increase cellular reception for 10+ users simultaneously.

A marine-grade onboard voice and data solution, SuperHALO is compatible with all US and Canada 2G, 3G and 4G networks. It doesn’t need to be connected by a licensed installer. This keeps it within the reach of those who need a simple and cost-effective way to access high speed Internet on multiple devices. Running on 12V DC, the energy efficient device draws a meager 2.1 amps. It features stealth technology—the uplink becomes dormant when not in use to save on power—and has automatic shutdown.

SuperHALO has automatic gain control and won’t overpower or interfere with cell sites. It’s also manually adjustable, providing flexibility in placement and fine-tuning of the antennas. Weighing a little over 2lb, the unit is 7 7/8 inch long, 5 inch wide and 1 3/16 inch deep, and the external antenna’s standard 1 ¼ inch thread makes it compatible with a broad range of Shakespeare mounting options. RoHS compliant, FCC certified and carrier approved. www.shakespeare-marine.com


New Products 2: Windex wind vanes 2-dav22768-x9h

The Windex 10 Sport and Windex 15 feature sapphire jewel suspension bearings for extreme sensitivity. This allows the units to instantly reflect minute wind shifts. Wind tunnel tests show they’re rugged enough to withstand 80-knot gusts.

With minimal weight aloft, Windex is made from tough, UV-rated engineering plastic with reflective tape, and anodized marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The tacking tabs are adjustable to the boat’s pointing angle and will indicate if the helmsman is pinching or footing—a crew favorite. The optional waterproof LED Windex Light illuminates with a mere .023 milliamp current draw for night use.

At 1.2oz., the Windex 10 Sport is ideal for dinghies, sportboats and small keel boats and comes with a glass-reinforced polycarbonate J-Base for horizontal or vertical mast mounting. With a 15 inch vane, the Windex 15 is perfect for medium to large sailboats. It attaches with the included thru-bolt or drill-and-tap mounting socket. Sailors can also use the available Universal Masthead Mount for offsetting or extending the device 13 inch away from the mast to avoid obstructions, and to make it easier to see. Weighing 3.6oz., it comes with a 10 inch vertical spike to deter birds from alighting on top of the mast: www.davisnet.com

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