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New Complete Anchoring Systems Removes the Guesswork

The answer to an often-asked question has turned into a new product for Fortress Marine Anchors. Now, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based company offers two of its most popular models in convenient, Complete Anchoring Systems, that include chain, a shackle and 25 percent more rope than usually found for safer sets and anchoring in deeper water.

“Over the past 30 years we have been asked by boaters to provide size and length recommendations for chain, rope and shackle to be used with our anchors, particularly the FX-7 (for boats up to 27 feet LOA) and FX-11 (for boats up to 32 feet LOA), our two best-selling models. These new all-in-one anchoring systems take out all the guesswork,” says Fortress spokesperson, Brian Sheehan.

Three decades of customer service experience has taught that most coastal and lake anchoring is done in 50-foot depth of water or less, according to Sheehan. Fortress recommends using 6-feet of chain for every 25 foot of water depth, and boaters commonly use 10 to 15 feet of chain with the company’s anchors with great success. Fifteen feet of chain is included with the new FX-7 and FX-11 anchoring systems. Fortress also recommends a 5:1 scope, so in 50 feet of water, the boater would need 250 feet total of chain plus rope (5 x 50 feet). Two hundred and fifty feet of rope is included with the two new anchoring systems.

“So, in total, our new anchoring systems have 265 feet chain plus rope total, more than enough for typical lake and coastal anchoring,” says Sheehan. www.fortressanchors.com

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