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New Biocide Free Bottom Paint Launched by Interlux

Now, in line with our policy of sustainable product development for performance and environmental benefit we are proud to introduce the next generation of foul release technology, Intersleek 900 Foul Release system for pleasure craft.

Intersleek 900 is a unique, patented fluoropolymer foul release coating that does not contain any biocides. Fluoropolymer chemistry represents the very latest in foul release technology, significantly improving upon the performance of the best silicone based systems.

Intersleek 900 is extremely smooth and slippery with unprecedented low levels of average hull roughness. The finish has what is known as ‘low surface energy’. Fouling organisms generally have a difficult time forming an attachment to a ‘low surface energy’ finish and when they are successful only do so very weakly. Fouling can be easily removed with simple hand cleaning methods using sponges, window squeegees, soft bristle brushes, and fleece mitts. The frequency and amount of cleaning required will depend on fouling conditions and how often the boat is used.

Intersleek 900 provides a smooth surface that reduces drag and delivers improved fuel savings; ships have averaged 6% more fuel savings over traditional antifouling paints. Using less fuel also means that you will be reducing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions.

“Intersleek 900 has been used extensively in the shipping industry on all types of ships including bulk carriers, general cargo carriers, tankers, cruise ships, container ships, naval craft and fast catamarans improving vessel speed and energy efficiency along with controlling fouling build up on the underwater hull,” says Bob Donat VP of Marketing for Interlux “and we believe that pleasure craft whether power or sail will also benefit from Intersleek 900 technology. Boat owners have been asking for a biocide free bottom coating to control fouling and we believe that Intersleek® 900 is the best answer to those questions.”

Antifouling bottom coatings depend on the release of biocides to repel the adhesion of and prevent the growth of fouling pests. With Intersleek 900 ‘fouling control’ is provided for by the ‘low surface energy’ of the finish coat, not by releasing biocides such as copper that eventually become exhausted. Intersleek 900 is effective for as long as the system and finish coat remains intact. This means that the expected longevity of Intersleek 900 is longer than that of traditional antifouling paints. Also when washing bottoms the absence of copper, zinc and organic biocides brings cost and environmental advantages on treatment and disposal of wash water. An additional benefit of being biocide free is that Intersleek 900 has superior color retention when compared to antifouling paint and will keep the vessel looking better longer.

Reduced drag, increased fuel economy, reduced emissions and increased longevity all achieved without the use of biocides, clearly differentiates Intersleek 900 from traditional antifouling technology.

Donat said “We have decided to launch it into California first because of some unique characteristics of the California market. Boat owners in California will leave their boats in the water for very long periods of time and are used to having the bottoms cleaned by a diver on a regular basis.”

For more information about Intersleek 900, contact Jim Seidel, [email protected].

Tips for a successful Bottom Paint Application

J. Summer Westman spent the last several months interviewing and researching the different companies with Marine Bottom Painting products to offer you a step-by-step independent application guide based upon our research. Please note… Our research is geared towards the Caribbean region which is considered one of the harshest regions for bottom growth.

Participating companies include: Interlux, Sea Hawk and Pettit Paint

NEW Biocide Free Bottom Paint Launched by Interlux

Additional Insights into Anti-fouling in the Caribbean by Robbie Ferron

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