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Nanny Cay Introduces New Storage System – Obtains Pantaenius Approval

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Nanny Cay Marina, the largest full-service marina and boatyard in the British Virgin Islands, has introduced a new yacht storage
system that will drastically increase the safety of yachts stored. The use of this system has earned Nanny Cay status as an approved hurricane storage facility by one of the world’s leading insurer of luxury yachts, Pantaenius.

Nanny Cay is the first boatyard in the Caribbean d Windstorm Exclusion Area (CNWEA) with this yacht storage system for hurricane storage approved by Pantaenius. The British Virgin Islands are in the middle of the CNWEA and from 1 July to 15 November, yachts generally head south of latitude 12.4N to maintain insurance coverage.

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Nanny Cay is using specially designed galvanized steel cradles from UK-based Yacht Leg and Cradle Company. The cradles are anchored to the ground using a system of six-foot long sand screws and nylon webbing straps which tether the cradle to the ground and the yacht to the cradle. The cradles are available for 40- to 65-foot vessels and ten systems have been installed so far with a
further five planned for next year. Further rollout will be on demand. A one-off fee of $1500.00 is charged for using the system and normal monthly storage charges apply.

“This new cradle system is perfect for the larger, heavier boats with owners that do not want the inconvenience of having to store their yacht down south for the summer,” said marina manager Miles Sutherland-Pilch. “The added cost of storage is more than offset by peace of mind, continued insurance coverage and the ability to choose a marina or boatyard based on its facilities and service, not its geographic location.

For more information on Nanny Cay Marina and its services log on to www.nannycay.com


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