Marina at Emerald Bay Echo – May 2013



THIRSTY MEGAYACHTS HEADING NORTH ,as the season comes to an end, have been keeping our fuel dock attendants busy. Our fuel delivery system has recently been upgraded to where we can deliver up to 3,000 US gallons of diesel per hour. (EMERALD BAY MARINA PHOTO)

GREAT THINGS A HAPPENING! – A wide range of major marina improvements have been announced for The Marina at Emerald Bay, commencing this year, according to Manager Dale Westin. “Our goal is make the Marina at Emerald Bay the finest five-star facility of its kind, bar none” Westin noted. He noted that the marina had been acquired by Sandals Resorts International as part of a major purchase that included the firm’s adjacent Couples Resort, an 18 hole, par 72 Greg Norman golf course and various other upland properties in 2009. The upgrade of the resort facility to a full five-star level has been completed and it is now time to focus on bringing the marina to a standard befitting the Sandals brand. Work will soon commence on a fitness center and a convenience store. The marina is actively seeking a concessionaire for operation of the restaurant and bar. (See separate story in this issue) In addition, a playground for the children will also be included.

MEET YOUR NEW MANAGER/HARBOURMASTER– We invite you to join us every Monday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for some complimentary rum punch and hors d’oeuvres and an opportunity to meet our new Manager, Dale Westin, and recently appointed Harbour Master, Shavago McPhee, in our crew bar on the first floor of the marina administration building.

RESTAURANT CONCESSIONAIRE WANTED– The Marina at Emerald Bay is seeking a very special restaurant-bar operator to open a full service facility at its fabulous Great Exuma harbour location. The present restaurant location is harbor side and includes a large deck and an extra large partially equipped kitchen. Some furnishings, including a walk-in combination cold room/freezer room are available. Official announcements have appeared in the Nassau and Great Exuma press. Interested parties are requested to express their interest in writing to Emerald Bay Marina Manager Dale Westin at In doing so, please provide all relevant information including legal entity name, registered address, primary contacts name and address, plus a summary overview of the proposed offering. Application deadline is May 31, 2013. Additonal details or an appointment to view the facility can be obtained by calling 1-242-357-0193.

HAVE WE GOTTA DEAL FOR YOU? – Emerald Bay Marina management is continuously going out its way to get our yacht clients the best deals possible on various activities, etc., in the area. This includes special low greens fees for our championship par 72, 18 hole Greg Norman designed golf course adjacent to the marina. We don’t know of any place where 85 bucks will be getting you greens fees that low including a golf cart!

EMERALD BAY MARINA =AMENITIES PLUS – How’s this for a list of marina freebies and special deals: 1. Free use of high capacity washers and dryers. 2. Free private room showers and toilets. 3. Free coffee and tea every morning. 4. Free regional shuttle service. 5. Free wi-fi of course! 6. Free computers/printers to use. 7. Free dvd video lending library. 8. Free exchange library and chart room. 9. Free pool table use. 10. Spacious wide-screen television lounge. 11. Free manager’s rum punch party every Monday. 12.. The friendliest, most helpful marina staff you can find anywhere, bar none. 13. Free daily weather reports. 14. Big discounts on golf greens fees. 15. Soon come: a fully equipped workout gym and convenience store.

FITNESS CENTER SOON COME! – There will soon be a way to shed those pounds gained from long days at sea when there seems to be nothing to do but look at a seemingly endless sea except to munch on anything available. We will have several treadmills, climbing machine, multi gyms, bench press, butt roller and bikes, among other equipment plus a wide screen TV to watch while you’re working up that sweat.

BARGAIN DOCKAGE DEALS – It’s true! We have several dock locations within the harbor that do not have full amenities such as full electrical connections, closed circuit TV, phone, etc. The reason for this is because the electric grid to our area of Great Exuma does not presently offer sufficient amperage to fully supply the entire marina with adequate electricity. As a result we offer those fully floating docks at the very low rate of only $1.00 per foot with a 40-foot minimum charge per day and a three day required stay. Couple this rate with all of the amenities listed in a separate Echo article in this issue, you have a deal that is hard to refuse!

CAPTAIN DALE’S TALES – It has always been the rule around the Caribbean that if you don’t hear a good rumor by 10 a.m.; you simply start one. I periodically hear on the Cruiser’s Net in the morning some preposterous rumors about our marina inlet. If you want to hear embellished descriptions of the dangers of our inlet, be sure to tune in. My fave over the waves in the past few weeks is the one where a young boy tells his mom that he wants to be a sailor when he grows up. The mother then proceeds to tell the young lad: “Bobby: you have to make a choice. You can be one or the other, but not both!” It is my privilege to have recently been appointed manager of Emerald Bay Marina with the express mission of upgrading this already fabulous facility to the most outstanding five- star harbour in the Caribbean, bar none. I am pleased to have been charged with this task and look forward to the challenges ahead. Be assured that our Chairman, Gordon “Butch” Stewart, and CEO Adam Stewart, are equally committed to the yachting fraternity as great lovers of fishing and the sea. For some five years previous to my assignment here, I was port administrator/marina manager at Port Antonio, Jamaica. Prior to coming here, I asked Sandals management if I could bring my dock master and office manager with me to the Bahamas if I accepted the position. I was told that would be acceptable if I felt it was necessary. After an early January 2013 trip here to assess the situation, I informed Sandals that I did not feel importing any staff was necessary. I think this speaks miles and miles for the quality of our staff here which I am proud to have. Comments, suggestions, even hate email – send it all to

IT’S BLUE MONDAY PARTY TIME every Monday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the crew bar on the first floor of our main building. All marina guests are invited to join us for free rum punch and finger food and a chance to meet and exchange views with our staff and other members of the yachting fraternity. (EMERALD BAY MARINA PHOTO)

JOHN JAMES OUR EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR NOMINEE – Emerald Bay Marina’s answer to “McGiver”, our erstwhile Engineer John James, was our nominee for Sandal’s Prestige Awards “Employee of the Year” award April 12. John had qualified for the competition after being “Employee of the Month” . While John did not capture the annual title, we want him and you to know that he’s always a winner in our book!

MEET OUR OFFICIAL HARBOUR MASCOT ‘LOGGY” – a loggerhead turtle that regularly frequents the marina. He’s (We think it’s a he!) one of the wonders of nature that abound in and around Great Exuma, in the fabulous Bahamas! (EMERALD BAY MARINA PHOTO)

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