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Learning Something New

What were your New Year’s resolutions? The standard “lose 10 pounds” or ”run a 5K?” Mine usually focus on learning something new or having a new adventure. With my new role as Vision Editor for All At Sea Southeast, those resolutions will be easy to accomplish in 2014. Our pages are always full of important news items, fun destinations and activities that encourage me, and hopefully you, to try something new.

At the end of 2013 I purchased a fun and fast Weta trimaran. In this month’s issue I’m sharing my next adventure—racing at one of the great regattas on Florida’s West Coast. When I’m done playing with the small boat I’ve got half a mind to jump on our Contour 34 trimaran for a quick trip to Bimini, especially after reading Fran Carlson’s article “Dockside Party Anyone?” Her provisioning tips and party tricks prepare me to be the toast of the anchorage.

I hope you have been enjoying Doug Simmons’ series on “How to Buy a Center Console.” This month he takes a deeper look at what you should consider when designing your helm/console station, with the experts weighing in on how all the options affect safety and ergonomics. Speaking of safety, Glenn Hayes separates fact from fiction following NOAA’s announcement that they will no longer print paper charts. Did you know that the Federal Aviation Administration was actually the agency printing these charts? That was news to me.

2014 is also going to be the year that I finally learn how to fish. Every year I get my fishing license, but most of the time I feel like I’m the one giving the fish some amusement. I bait the hook with either a yellow or red gummy worm, then cast off the stern of our boat. The fish might jump, but only to see the silly person who’s feeding them candy. Now I’m going right to our experts for help. Captain Judy’s “Fish Report” has already taught me what fish I’m even looking for this month and where to find them, which I think is half the battle. Jeff Dennis’s report on the finals of the Redfish Series in South Carolina, where a female won the entire six event tournament, gives me something to strive for.

Each month I hope to bring plenty of stories that prompt you to want to try something new. We’ll learn and grow together. I’m looking forward to the adventure.

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