Jurgen Schneider Takes Top Honors at Sunfish Championships 2009

The Curacao Sunfish Championships, held during two weekends in August and September, were again a memorable event. In four days, 27 participants sailed 10 races, determining the best Sunfish sailors of the island. Multiple champion Hans van der Gulik and Mark Simmeren both won more than one race but didn’t reach the highest place.

This year’s top honor was for the steadily sailing 1981 and 2008 champion, Jurgen Schneider. Rising star Kevin Otterdijk surprisingly won the short track competition. He eventually scored two more points than Gunnar Copper who obtained second place in both race track competitions. Simmeren took third in both. Louis Hendrikx and Jordan van Rooyen were inaccessible in the youth double-class and Kevin Otterdijk also took first place in youth solo.

The short track races in the second weekend had two more surprising, undisputed winners, Eugene Hendrikx and Tony de Haas. The sunfish is clearly an all-age boat. Big age differences don’t matter and anyone can win.

The tradition of one stormy weather weekend and one light air weekend was continued this year. During the second weekend the sailors had to deal with enormous and confusing wind shifts, adding to the challenge for the veterans as well as the many young participants. The races were thrilling till the end with the final race ultimately bringing the decision.

In short it was a great championship, thanks to all participants, assisting volunteers and veteran Alex Roose, who is an ever-present participant and appreciated master of ceremony at the prize giving. The event traditionally was concluded by an Indonesian meal, prepared by Sunfish sailor Nico Roodenrijs.